The Dallas skyline lights up for Transgender Vision Day

He said the city’s skyline will feature blue, white and pink, the colors of the transgender flag.

DALLAS – The city of Dallas will celebrate International Transgender Vision Day by illuminating the city’s central silhouette.

On Thursday night, the city said it would feature blue, white and pink, the colors of the Bank of America Plaza, AT&T Discovery District and the Omni Hotel transgender flag.

The Reunion Tower will be illuminated in yellow and blue in honor of the Ukrainian flag, as it has been since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Recognition Day takes place on March 31 each year and celebrates transgender people, while raising awareness of the discrimination that society continues to face.

“The city of Dallas is committed to supporting and protecting our transgender community,” the city said in a statement.

President Joe Biden also made a statement this week recognizing March 31 as Transgender Appearance Day. There, the president noted that transgender, non-binary and gender-incompetent Americans “broke the glass ceilings of representation” and succeeded in various industries such as entertainment and medicine.

However, Biden wrote that there is still work to be done.

“Despite this progress, transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment, and barriers to opportunity,” Biden said. “Transgender women and girls, especially transgender women and girls of color, continue to face epidemic levels of violence, and 2021 is marked as the deadliest year on record for transgender Americans.”

Texas transgender children and their families have recently been the target of investigations by Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Both elected officials asked the state Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS) to investigate the parents of transgender children and identify certain gender-affirming concerns for the child, such as violence. Abbott even instructed the DFPS to launch an investigation.

In late February, Paxton issued an opinion referring to adult blockers under the Texas Family Code and medical procedures designed to change a child’s gender as child abuse.

Earlier this month, Travis County Governor Abbott blocked an order from the state Department of the Interior to investigate and decided to impose a temporary ban.

Paxton then asked the Texas Supreme Court to allow an investigation into the families of transgender children.

The Dallas skyline lights up for Transgender Vision Day

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