The Dallas Cowboys replace Amari Cooper with the Cleveland Browns

Cowboys go with one of the best offensive weapons.

FRISCO, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys were able to get something for Amari Cooper, but that’s not much. Four times the Pro Bowler was sold to the Cleveland Browns, which will give the Cowboys some project capital.

The Dallas Browns will get a fifth-round pick and, according to many reports, will switch to a sixth-round pick with the Browns. Including Adam Schefter from ESPN. If the Cowboys could not find a trading partner, they would release Cooper before the start of the league year. In that case, they would have nothing to do with Cooper’s departure.

The Cowboys are now off the hook to pay Cooper $ 20 million, and they’re saving more than the salary limit for Over The Cap.

Cooper came to Dallas in the middle of the season to trade in 2018 and spent most of the four seasons with the Cowboys. He instantly rejuvenated a stagnant offense and helped the Cowboys finish the 2018 season with a 7-1 record and win the NFC East. and play the Division round of the playoffs. During his time in Dallas, Cooper made 292 receptions and 27 touchdowns for 3,893 yards.

The Cowboys made the first round pick for Cooper in 2018 and became the 27th pick for the Raiders in the 2019 draft.

Cooper joins the Browns team, which needs a high-end wide buyer. Odell Beckham, Jr. changed to Rams during the season, and Jarvis Landry saw a steady decline in production over the past two years.

Cooper’s production will decline in 2021. After catching 92 balls for 1,114 yards in 2020, he caught 24 few passes for 249 less yards. He saw an increase in five to eight touches.

As the Cowboys’ 2021 regular season drew to a close and the club finished the NFC East with a 12-5 record, Cooper spoke openly about his role in the crime.

“I think everyone on the team is confident in the team’s ability to go out and play when they need to,” Cooper told reporters on Jan. 13, three days before Dallas lost 23-17. NFC wild-card in San Francisco 49ers. “So I want my role to be like this. When my name is called, I will go out and take full advantage of whatever opportunity is offered to me.”

Cooper caught a touchdown in six assists and playoff losses for 64 yards.

The fourth overall pick of the past 2015, like any buyer, preferred to get the ball in the early game, but added that it was not an excuse for poor performance.

Cooper said: “If your first catch or your first chance to get the ball is late in the second or third quarter, you really have no rhythm. But that’s not an excuse. At the end of the day, you say, ‘I still have to go out and play that game.’ . That’s why you are a professional. That’s why you get paid to play the game. In practice, you can ask any attacker: it is better to take the ball in our hands. early. “

CeeDee Lamb is preparing to take the No. 1 spot in the first round of the Cowboys’ 2020 selection. Dallas is also trying to bring back receiver Michael Gallup, who was assigned to reach the agency for free while recovering from a torn ACL.

The Dallas Cowboys replace Amari Cooper with the Cleveland Browns

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