The Cabinet Office’s training reform aims to equip civil servant leaders for a “technology-driven world.”

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The Cabinet Office wants civil servant leadership training to better support managers who are “leading in a more complex and interconnected technology-driven world.”

Future training program renewals aim to make them more “complementary, consistent and effective”.

All programs available through Civil Service Learning, Civil Service Leadership Academy, Accelerated Development Schemes, and National Leadership Center have been updated to be more compliant with the government skills curriculum and campus, and the new curriculum framework launched by Deputy Director Caroline Murray. increase. Last week’s blog post provided an overview of the Cabinet Office’s Government Skills and Leadership Program Strategy in the Curriculum Unit.

“Our aim is to ensure that all core leadership and management programs are complementary, consistent and effective. This means the programs and products available. [on these programmes]… will change to provide unparalleled development opportunities, “Murray wrote.

Full-scale training focuses on three “p” s. Human resources skills such as hybrid team coaching, performance coaching and management. “Performance skills to lead a more complex and interconnected technology-driven world,” including systems thinking, digital and analytical fluency, commercial and project leadership, and disruption management. Partnership skills such as communication, teamwork, and working fairly and comprehensively.

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This change aims to improve the consistency and quality of training for civil servant leaders by providing specific skills to better manage people, processes, money, or projects.

“In developing this, we not only expect world leaders in management, but also ensure relevance to the context of government. From the most junior level, people say we are future leaders. It will be clear what to expect from them, and the expertise and experience they need to build, and how to do it, “Murray said.

The blog post is about a new curriculum and government skills launched in January to fulfill the promise of the Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove to create a “campus with the right resources to train government people.” Further sheds light on the training offered by the campus for.

The Cabinet Office then said that the campus reduced the risk of duplication, provided better value, and “strict for government-wide training,” after Mr Gove said in a Ditchley speech last year that the minister had “ignored.” He said he would develop a “standard”. To ensure that senior members of civil servants have all the basic skills needed to serve the government and our citizens. “

Training provided throughout the campus is divided into five strands. Working in Government; Guidance and Management; Professional Skills; And Domain Knowledge.

According to Murray, Strand 3 – Leadership and Management –, which provides the skills, knowledge and networks to develop current and future managers and leaders, is “not limited to a small number of senior leaders”.

“It supports all civil servants with clarity and accessibility in learning and development, whether it’s the Vice-Minister or one of the thousands of valuable line managers working across the UK. It will be good for people, “she said.

Meanwhile, throughout all leadership programs, outside experts are invited to share experiences with academic learning courses.

“Leaders learn best from leaders, so new entrants are developed by the people they admire. Participants in the new program can also hear from experienced leaders from different sectors and industries. It gives them the opportunity to hear about how they solve problems, tackle new challenges, use new technologies and innovate, ”says Murray.

Meanwhile, other training programs have been updated to accommodate the new curriculum framework.

A system will also be introduced to better understand those studying in leadership courses, which Murray describes as “potential individuals,” and to assist in career planning.

Murray writes: “The scale of the comprehensive reforms planned means that this will not happen immediately. We invest in existing capabilities for all activities, regardless of job, profession or department. We continue to work with others to ensure that we continue to complement, “says Murray.

Leadership programs developed in parallel and aligned with the curriculum framework include the Major Project Leadership Academy and the Service Delivery Academy.

The Cabinet Office’s training reform aims to equip civil servant leaders for a “technology-driven world.”

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