The Burn-pit bill provides health care to overcome the problem

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Among the great mistakes of American history was the government’s failure to provide care and benefits to veterans suffering from the hot pit. Finally, after years of inactivity, that crime can be eliminated.

When American military personnel were willing to threaten their lives abroad, they did so with the assurance that they would be protected when they returned home. However, it does not always work as it should.

BIDEN signed two new bills into the law intended to help firing the militants.

While serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond, millions of U.S. military personnel have lived and worked in the vicinity of hotspots. These pits, where the military has used for years to dispose of everything from human waste and rubbish to electricity and jet fuel, have produced an enormous amount of pollution. airborne facing a health problem.

Since their report, more than 300,000 service members, who have added their names to the Burn Pits Registry have developed chronic ailments and diseases, from chronic bronchitis to chronic bronchitis. mental illness – those who were not enrolled were not listed. There is little doubt that these conditions are the result of inhaled toxins.

The government allowed the use of fireplaces, so it was the government’s responsibility to take care of those who got drunk. But instead of helping our veterans, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has spent years denying them the care and benefits they need.

RUSSIAN EXITS IN BIDEN TO THE STATE OF UNION To talk about the Health Care Push.

In the late 2000s, when health researchers discovered the link between fire pits and poor health conditions, the VA tried to cover it up. While the relationship could not be ruled out, the VA urged seniors to seek care to verify their status based on the discovery of the fire pit. That claim is unreasonable, as the cause cannot be proven in cases like this one. The real reason for all the red is that the federal government is unwilling to bear the cost of its crimes.

We refuse to stand up and let the VA leave the elderly in need. So last year, we introduced a bipartisan bill to address the problem. Our perceived benefits for veterans exposed to fire pits and other poisons require the VA to consider soldiers who have been seen burning pits along the line of action. and suffers from injuries and illnesses related to public care and benefits.

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The bill helped initiate a movement, both in Washington and across the country, to bring justice to those affected by the fire. Finally, it turned out that our mission was coming to an end. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would get implementation from our 2021 bill. And now, the Senate is ready to do the same by appointing a Bipartisan Sergeant First Class. Heath Robinson Honors our PACT Act.

When that bill becomes law, the reform will allow seniors to have access to medication and benefits for 23 alcohol -related conditions. The transfer of VA requirements will be finalized, and further research will be conducted on the health effects of drug exposure.

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This victory could not fulfill the ages of the ancients who ended the pain without care. However, it was a victory that made the Americans so proud. For a long time, we lacked the good work of those who made great sacrifices for us. Not anymore – justice for American men and women warriors begins now. We call on our colleagues in legislature to pass this legislation without delay.

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Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been in New York in the U.S. Senate since 2009 and previously served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Burn-pit bill provides health care to overcome the problem

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