The body of a Texas Army National Guard soldier has been found

Expert Bishop E. Evans said he “selflessly tried to help two migrants who appeared to have drowned while crossing the river illegally.”

EAGLE PASS, Texas – US spokesman Tony Gonzalez confirmed to KENS 5 on Monday that the body of a Texas Army National Guard soldier had been found.

Bishop E. Evans, a 22-year-old specialist, went missing on Friday while trying to rescue two migrants who appeared to have drowned at the Eagle Pass. Texas rangers are leading the search with the help of representatives from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Parks and Wildlife and the Border Patrol. The search continued throughout the weekend after the Texas Department of War informed his family Thursday that he was missing.

Speaking about border issues at the Eagle Crossing, Rep Gonzalez spoke about Spec. Evans and his family and others living in the border area expressed concern.

“We are talking about those who serve here. We are talking about those who work here. We are talking about Bishop Evans, who was found today. We are talking about his family. We are talking about all the affected families,” said Rep Gonzalez.

Evans was a field artilleryman from Arlington, Texas, and was assigned to the Battalion of the 4-133 Field Artillery Regiment in New Braunfels. He joined the Texas Army National Guard in May 2019. You can read more about Evans here.

According to the Texas Military Department, the serviceman selflessly tried to help two migrants who appeared to have drowned while crossing the river from Mexico to the United States.

Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez sent a letter to Gov. Lt. Dan Patrick demanding an investigation into Spec’s disappearance. Evans.

“The death of this young man was very inevitable, which further proves that the governor is not ready to offer a solution to this issue. The Texas National Guard is poorly equipped to deal with this issue through no fault of its own. I said from the beginning that these small political tricks of the Governor have very real consequences. Thanks to the actions of Greg Abbott, one of our best disappeared at a young age of 22, “said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez criticized Abbott’s actions at the border.

The following is a letter from Senator Gutierrez to Lieutenant Dan Patrick:

Texas woke up to a new reality on Friday. As a result of the “One Star” operation, another employee of our National Guard lost his life.

In all, five service members were killed in the operation on the Texas border.

Surprisingly, more than all the battles in the Kosovo War, our servicemen were killed in Operation One Star.

National Guardsmen from all over the United States have been sent to Texas to commit Class B crimes. Apparently, these National Guardsmen were not prepared, equipped and strengthened for a long-term mission that cost Texas taxpayers billions of dollars, and there is no clear end in sight.

With proper planning, management, and leadership, these deaths could be prevented.

It’s time for the Texas Senate to investigate Operation Lone Star to ensure that no other Guardian of the Texas is exposed to an unavoidable threat.

As a former chair of the Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee in the Texas House of Representatives, I know from personal experience that our military needs our support and accountability for our leaders in the event of a failure.

The Texas Senate has long been investigating the deaths of security guards in Operation Lone Star.

I urge you to urgently call on the entire Senate Committee on the deaths of these security guards in Operation One Star so that each senator can demand an answer from the Governor and his staff regarding the tragic deaths of our servicemen at the Border.

Texas has a proud tradition of supporting men and women in uniform, and I want us to be leaders in continuing that tradition.

This survey is in line with our oversight role and, ideally, can help prevent the preventable loss of men and women who serve the Texas Senate more.

The body of a Texas Army National Guard soldier has been found

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