The Blackhawks scandal raises cultural issues

Chicago – For the three weeks of 2010, they did nothing. It’s the time it took Chicago Blackhawks leaders to act on the claim that the assistant coach sexually assaulted the player.

3 weeks. The three weeks (more than a decade later) rocked the once proud franchise and asked more questions about the culture of sport.

A 107-page span featuring interviews with 139 witnesses, over 100 gigabytes of electronic records, and 49 boxes of hard copy records, a report by an outside law firm was raised by a senior Blackhawks leader. On the franchise day before the team won the first Stanley Cup title since 1961, it detailed how it seemed to ignore the accusations of sexual assault.

The impact of independent reviews commissioned by the team in response to the two proceedings spread to several corners of the NHL, with the Blackhawks responding to “inadequate internal procedures and inadequate and untimely response”. He was fined $ 2 million.


Florida coach Joel Quenneville will meet with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on Thursday, and Winnipeg’s General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff will also talk to the Commissioner. Both were with the Blackhawks when the allegations were first reported to the team’s leadership.

Danny Wirtz, CEO of the Blackhawks, son of team chairman Rocky Wirtz, met with current players on Wednesday the day after the graphic report was released and was another top executive with Stan Bowman, president of hockey operations. An Almasizak has resigned.

“I think the most important message was that we are here for you like an organization,” said Jeremy Colliton. “The family is behind us. The organization is behind us and we will do everything we can to move forward here.”


Rocky Wirtz first charged with him and Danny on Tuesday before a May lawsuit in 2010 by John Doe and a player identified as sexually assaulting by then-assistant coach Brad Aldrich. He said he noticed. report. The team is also facing a second proceeding by a former student convicted of Aldrich’s assault in Michigan.

Reportedly, Doe, then 20-year-old minor leaguer, and Aldrich, then 27, met on May 8 or 9, 2010, in case the Blackhawks needed help in the playoffs. Occurred on the day.

Doe told investigators that Aldrich had forced him to have oral sex and threatened him with a souvenir baseball bat before masturbating on the player’s back.

Aldrich told investigators that the encounter had reached an agreement. Asked Wednesday about the law firm’s report, Aldrich replied, “I have nothing to say.”


Approximately two weeks later, on May 23, 2010, shortly after Chicago advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals, Bowman, McIssac, Team President John McDonough, Executive Vice President Jay Blank, and Assistant General Manager Cheberdayov joined Kenneville and Mental. I met my skill coach Jim Gary. Discuss the allegations.

Former federal prosecutor Reed Shah, who led the investigation, said the meeting’s explanation was “significantly different.” However, there was no evidence of investigation until McDonough notified the team’s Human Resources Manager of the allegations on June 14. This was a delay that violated the team’s sexual harassment policy.

During the last three weeks, Aldrich worked for the team and continued to travel with the team. Aldrich also said he had “made unwanted sexual progress” towards the 22-year-old Blackhawks intern.

McDonough, Blank, and Gary are no longer adopted by the NHL. Currently, Bowman and MacIsaac are also available.


However, the report reveals that 11 years ago, the victory of the Cup was prioritized over immediate action against Aldrich’s claim. Bowman recalled during the May 23 meeting that McDonough and Kenneville talked about the challenges and “desires” of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. To focus on the team and the playoffs. “

The report is still involved in the mishandling of Baylor, a convicted continuous abuser and team doctor, Larry Nassar, whose allegations of assault on soccer players were mishandled by school officials. It is reminiscent of a scandal in USA gymnastics.

Susan Loggans, a lawyer representing John Doe and a former student in the second proceeding, said he hopes that what happened in Chicago will change the sport as a whole.


“We need a change from a complete animalist mindset, such as fully enhancing the masculinity of these players and doing whatever it takes to win the game,” she said. “There must be some context, just like worrying about a concussion in a football game.

“It doesn’t win at all sacrifices. These are humans. They are not life-threatening gladiators in the game.”


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The Blackhawks scandal raises cultural issues

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