The Best Ways To Plan Your Ultimate Family Camping Trip


Camping is known to be one of the best forms of family bonding activities there is. There are so many aspects of camping that bring about warm feelings of nostalgia.

However, we all know the amount of work that goes into planning, and the pressure that it can bring about. So, how do you ensure that your next family camping trip is smashing success? Read more to find out the best ways to help you with planning your next trip!


Worried that your children are unable to adjust to sleeping in a tent instead of a proper bed? One easy way to tackle this would be to do a few trials before you actually set off.

If you have a garden outside your home, you can easily set up a tent and have a night out with your kids. The expert camper is a great place to get camping accessories like tents that are large enough for the entire family so do check it out if you’re planning a camping trip.

After your kids get comfortable with being outdoors, you can move on to doing a car campout. How it works is instead of starting off straight camping in the woods, you bring them to a campsite with facilities like washrooms easily available. This may be a little extra work, but it’s also a way to spend more quality time with your loved ones– A win-win situation!


We all know the importance of planning a trip to prepare for any unexpected events. To avoid a total family disaster during your family camping trip, do consider these next few points.

Firstly, to prevent any safety hazards or unintentionally breaking any rules at the campsite, please abide by the safety guidelines of the campsite, and ensure you follow the various regulations. For example, certain campsites may prohibit setting up campfires, so ensure you follow their stipulations.

Do your research on the campsites! Certain campsites have scheduled activities such as guided tours, so do ensure you sign up for them.

Don’t forget to also plan out your meals carefully. Camping also means that you have no access to your favorite restaurants, so you have to ensure enough food for the entire trip. Having fuss-free yet tasty meals is essential, so one important tip is not to mix ingredients together when packing for these meals!


We all know about the importance of packing the right equipment when going on a camping trip. Don’t worry if you’ve never set up a tent before. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! So watch a few instructional tent pitching videos, and be sure to try it out with your kids before you head over to the campsite!



What’s camping without a few fun games? After a long day of physical activity, you can unwind with your family by playing a relaxing card game, or a simple game of dominoes.


Don’t underestimate the abilities of children when it comes to setting up! They love to feel like they’re a big part of this camping adventure, so remember to also assign them certain tasks and responsibilities. It really doesn’t matter how simple the job is. Also, don’t forget to throw in a compliment here, and thereafter they complete a task successfully! It’ll definitely bring a smile to their faces.


No phones at the campsite, please! Technology absolutely defeats the purpose of going on a camping trip. It is supposed to be the time of connecting with your loved ones, and not with the internet. A good way to prevent the usage of mobile devices would be to ensure they are left at home before your leave for your trip. You can bring along one cell phone but only use it in case of unexpected emergencies.

The Best Ways To Plan Your Ultimate Family Camping Trip


Have you ever heard of geocaching? Well, if you haven’t, you’re totally missing out! It is a very popular treasure hunting game that incorporates using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to search for “geocaches”, which are most commonly found as small waterproof containers or even Tupperware containers at times. These geocaches are can be located at their specific coordinates. Once you find it, you can sign your code name attached to the log on the geocache. They can contain really surprising items that can serve as a memorable souvenir for your camping trip. Just ensure that your campsite has a few geocaches nearby!



Although camping is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation for everyone, don’t forget to prioritize safety! Children can tend to get overly excited when in a new environment, so they may need constant reminders of the importance of safety. Here are a few reminders you can give to your children.

First and foremost, always keep a good distance away from any body of water, especially when they don’t have an accompanying adult present.

Next, there are many toxic plants and wildlife in the forest that they should be aware of, so remember to show pictures beforehand so they can identify them.

Don’t eat anything that you did not bring along with you! There are many poisonous fruits in the woods, so stay away from them.

Animals in the woods can be dangerous. It is important to keep a distance from them at all times.

Finally, always bring a loud whistle along with you, and use it in case of any emergencies.


The unpredictability of a camping trip is what makes it fun! Things may not always go according to plan, and that’s perfectly normal! What matters most is the quality time that you get to spend with the people that matter most, and creating fond memories all at the same time. So, remember, to keep on that bright smile even as your experience the ups and downs during this trip. Remember, a positive mindset brings positive things! So, what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy your next family camping trip now!

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