The Best of Software Testing Tutorials for Coding Newbies

The rapid growth in the software development industry demands authentic, intuitive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy software developers. And the life of a software product depends on its quality, which makes it crucial to test the product at every stage. Testing ensures that the product meets its quality standards and provides expected results. Thus, there is a rising demand for quality software testers capable of testing software products both manually and with automation.

Surprisingly, learning software testing is not a big deal anymore. There are thousands of tutorials that can help you efficiently learn software testing. Here, we will talk about some of the best software testing tutorials that are ideally designed for coding newbies. Whether you’re a novice or a skilled software developer, you can grow your testing skills from scratch with these beginner tutorials.

  1. ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

If you’re a complete beginner and willing to learn software testing from scratch, this foundation tutorial from ISTQB is an excellent option for you. Taking up this curriculum will help you validate your technical skills and build a solid foundational knowledge in the software testing field. It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of various crucial concepts to become a software tester. Besides, the tutorial syllabus is designed keeping the International Software Testing Qualification Board standards in mind so that you can obtain the beginner software testing certification easily.

Key USPs – 

  • Learn about the manual and automated testing techniques and how they differ from each other
  • Gain knowledge of basic concepts of software testing for a normal application
  • Learn about various programming languages used to test an application, such as Python, Java, C#, Ruby, etc.
  • Cover some of the essential concepts of software testing, such as techniques of effective testing, testing process, test development, test design management, and more
  • Learn about automation testing with the help of the Selenium suite

This tutorial is completely designed for beginners, so you don’t need any prior knowledge of programming languages or tools. The tutorial duration is three months, during which you’ll work with real-world examples and exercises.

  1. Manual Testing Tutorial for Beginners (TechBeamers)

For those interested in learning the basics and advanced concepts of manual testing, this tutorial from TechBeamers is an excellent choice. It offers a step-by-step guide to know and understand manual testing concepts. It focuses on introducing you to the software testing life cycle, various phases of testing, waterfall methodology, static and dynamic testing, and much more. The tutorial is prepared by the best instructors in the industry who have been working in the software testing field for a long time. Moreover, it provides you with real-world examples and assignments throughout each class to improve your understanding.

Key USPs – 

  • Learn about the difference between manual testing and automation testing and how manual testing is still helpful at many phases of software testing
  • Know about two different approaches of software testing, including white box testing and black box testing
  • Learn about the agile methodology in a simple and easy manner while covering the underlying philosophy of the Agile process
  • Understand the difference between bugs, defect, error, failure, and fault in an application
  • Learn how software testing helps improve the overall performance of an application

This tutorial is absolutely free to enroll without any charges or sign up. Also, it can be completed from the comfort of your home on your PC.

  1. LambdaTest Learning Hub (LambdaTest)

Designed by professional engineering team of LambdaTest, LambdaTest Learning Hub is a new platform that is designed to help individuals learn about various aspects of software testing. It offers multiple tutorials focused on multiple tools and frameworks used for software testing. Besides, these tutorials are more focused on automation testing. For instance, if you’re a beginner and want to learn Selenium test automation, the Selenium C# tutorials are a great option to begin with. The tutorials are equipped with notes, step-by-step chapters, real-world examples, and practice exams to improve your learning experience.

Key USPs – 

  • A list of practical tutorials to help you begin your journey in software testing
  • Learn to use the TestNG framework to organize your automated tests to make them more readable and effective
  • Understand the CI/CD pipeline in software testing and the tools used in it
  • Master Selenium suite to make your test more efficient and streamlined
  • Gain knowledge of the WebDriverIO framework and how it helps automate Node.js applications
  • Learn how cross browser testing is performed across various devices, operating systems, and browsers with automation tools like LambdaTest

Most of these tutorials are absolutely free to enroll without any hidden charges. All you need to do is signup on to the LambdaTest Learning Hub platform and begin your learning journey. Besides, these tutorials can be taken from anywhere on any device.

  1. Software Testing Short Course (The University of Oxford)

If you’re willing to learn software testing from one of the top universities around the world, this tutorial from the University of Oxford is an excellent option for you. This is a short tutorial focused on realistic and pragmatic steps for rigorous and organized software testing. Enrolling in this short course will provide you with a clear explanation of testing terminology while covering the different types of testing performed at each phase of the software lifecycle. It even offers continuous support from a team of experts to assist you throughout the classes and provide additional assistance on software testing concepts.

Key USPs – 

  • A comprehensive short tutorial focused on teaching you the basics of software testing
  • Learn how tests can be derived from requirements and specifications, design artifacts, and the source code
  • Know about the issues involved in software testing of a product and how they can be resolved quickly
  • Get introduced to black-box testing, white box testing, and how they differ from each other
  • Learn about different levels of testing, including unit testing, integration testing, stress testing, configuration testing, and more

This course can be taken virtually after signing up on the University of Oxford online site. It will be held on 22nd March 2021. If you’re unable to take the tutorial on the given date, you’ll have to wait for the next session.

  1. Become a Test Automation Engineer (LinkedIn Learning)

This is a perfect tutorial for individuals who want to achieve new heights in automation testing. It will help you learn all about automation testing from scratch. You’ll begin with an introduction to automation testing and then move on to learn about Selenium, which is the first choice of testers to automate their tests. During the classes, you’ll be provided with various tips and tricks of writing web applications with Selenium and conducting software tests with different utilities of Selenium Suite. After finishing the tutorial, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers to showcase your skills.

Key USPs – 

  • Get introduced to the basics of automation testing and learn how to integrate automated testing into your QA or DevOps workflow
  • Learn to use Selenium to test web applications while finding out the ways to write, automate, and run tests with Selenium WebDriver API and Selenium Grid
  • Learn to generate simple Python scripts, reporting, test site prep, and other factors required for automation testing with Selenium
  • Continuous assistance from a team of experts to help you with your queries related to automation testing
  • Earn a badge of completion to display it on your LinkedIn profile or job portal

The tutorial is available with a 30-day free trial, which means if you don’t like the content, you can leave it anytime within 30 days.

  1. Free Software Testing Tutorial (Guru99)

This is another free software testing tutorial designed to help you gain basic skills and expertise in software testing – both manual and automation testing. It is ideally designed for the beginner with no or little experience in software testing. The tutorial focuses on introducing you to some common software testing standards, definitions, and types. It is organized in a step-by-step process to help you learn everything with a clear understanding. Apart from covering software testing steps, this tutorial also highlights the benefits of software testing and why you should choose software testing as a career.

Key USPs – 

  • A free tutorial prepared by software testing experts to help you begin your journey as a software tester
  • Learn about the seven different principles of software testing, V-model software testing, phases of software testing life cycle, and more
  • Know about different types of software testing, such as manual testing, automation testing, unit testing, regression testing, and much more
  • Learn how to build a test case, what is test analysis, and execute your test cases efficiently
  • Learn how to find defects, bugs, and error in your test scripts to improve your testing process
  • Lessons in the tutorial are taught with real-world examples and exercises to improve your learning experience

This tutorial is absolutely free to enroll without any signup or hidden charges. You can even complete the tutorial from your phone.

  1. Software Testing Tutorial (ToolsQA)

This tutorial will provide you with an in-depth understanding of testing concepts, software testing levels, methods, and techniques. It is ideal for software developers and fresh graduates who want to grow their careers in the software testing field. You will begin with a basic introduction to software testing and then learn the advanced concepts you might while testing an application. The tutorial is covered with real-world examples and case studies to better understand how software testing is performed manually and with automation. After finishing this tutorial, you can move to enroll yourself in some advanced software testing tutorials.

Key USPs – 

  • A free and intuitive software testing tutorial that covers all the essential aspects you need to begin your journey as a software tester
  • Know about different ways of software testing – manual testing and automated testing
  • Learn about various test artifacts, such as the basics of tests, test case specifications, generating test cases, etc.
  • Gain in-depth perspective of software development life cycle and how an application is tested as different phases
  • Each section in the tutorial is linked to another source to help you cover each topic in detail

This is also a free tutorial that can be completed from the comfort of your home on any device. It doesn’t require any signup or hidden charges to begin your learning journey.

Wrap Up

Software testing is a demanding career for the last few years, increasing with every new software application in the industry. But there is still a shortage of software testers in every organization. Thus, starting your career as a software tester can take you a long way ahead in the upcoming years. So, if you’re interested in becoming a professional software tester, start your journey today with the above software testing tutorials.

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