The best mules for men 2022: 17 slip-ons to air out your ankles in style

Slipping into a pair of the best men’s mules feels like whipping a folding top down a long, open road: a little scary at first, then wildly liberating. So if you’ve hesitated before taking a couple for a spin, it’s time to learn the rules of the road. Just a few years ago, mules (and all sorts of crazy clogs, really) were the sole domain of chefs and healthcare workers, people who appreciated the silhouette’s no-frills design and comfortable posture. (And barring a handful of outliers, the space was largely dominated by names like Birkenstock and Crocs). In 2022, however, designers of all persuasions have embraced the appeal of mules—after all, that’s what it is Not You like a shoe where you don’t have to worry about laces to stay on your feet? That means today’s oversaturated mule market has something for everyone, from versions you can toss in a bag before hitting the beach to A-list approved options that keep you on the red carpet – or early – morning run to the bodega. The new 911 just outside your price range? The best men’s mules might not land you in your car ad of choice, but they come damn close.

The daily selection

Bostons are like a mule drug—only way better for your personal style. Birkenstock’s signature loafers are a mainstay at Grateful Dead concerts and Michelin-star kitchens for a reason: They’re about as durable — and beautiful — as a pair of mules can get. Recently, the comfort-focused German company has been dreaming up high-flying collaborations with brands like Jil Sander and Rick Owens, but for our money, the OGs (in sand suede that go with everything) are still the coolest. Wear them with chic basketball shorts to take out the trash, wear them with baggy jeans on the weekends, damn if you’re feeling really sassy (and your office is chilled), wear them to work with a casual suit. For maximum coziness straight out of the box, opt for the ultra-soft footbed version, which takes the spotlight here.

The high-minded choice

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The latest advance in shoe technology? Shoes made entirely of EVA foam, a material once reserved for sneaker soles, which steadily encases shoes in their entirety. There are many non-mule versions out there, but none like the Fear of God California. They look like two elegant slabs of concrete just for your feet, you know, a million times lighter and more comfortable. Plus, they’re so goddamn comfortable you might never want to take them off.

The leisure skater recommendation

The only shoes that scream summer more than a pair of slip-on Vans? A pair of slip-on Vans that don’t have heels at all. Does your summer uniform include a crisp white tee, lightly washed blue jeans, and an overstuffed tote slung over your shoulder? Add those luscious brown joints to the mix and you have an excellent everyday fit (and very beach-ready).

The ready-to-wear choice

Gucci horsebit mules

It’s not for the faint of heart to take off mules with a suit, but if there’s one silhouette that’s up to the task, it’s Gucci. Crafted with the same telltale details as their premier horsebit loafers – but with a slightly livelier, more rounded shape – they pair well with the chic getups you’d wear to a decidedly opulent casual affair. We’re talking beachside dinners, summer fundraisers, or just the post-brunch crowd in your finest Sunday stunt. Bonus points if the suit you’re pairing them with is cropped to Pharrell level – and the matching pants, in fact, are shorts.

The Beach Pickle

Malibu Sandals Colony classic mule shoes

When Capital-S shoes feel like total drag, grab a pair of mules for a sense of security “I’m on vacation, don’t email me” the second you put them on. The woven upper of Malibu Sandals’ version offers maximum airflow and the rubber sole is ready for slow strolls when you can’t find anywhere better. Plus, they look exponentially cooler than those skinny flip-flops you’ll see poolside at a five-star resort with easy golf course access.

Plus 11 other mules that we love

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Needles “Papillon” sewn mule shoes

Didn’t you know there was such a thing as convertible cowboy boots? think again

Our Legacy “Camion” mule shoes

You know how a camel hair top coat can make you feel like the most stylish and powerful version of yourself? These guys do the same from scratch.

Rubber mules from Bottega Veneta

That’s what happens when Crocs go to art school.

Studio Nicholson “Wear” mule shoes

Even fashion freaks with a minimalist touch deserve to be comfortable.

Birkenstock “Birk” professional mules

Whether you’re preparing a world-class entree or shopping for takeout, these mules are built to withstand the heat.

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Martine Rose square toe slides

Yes, square-toe shoes are back (!), but they look very different from the department store finds of the early days.

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Diemme mule shoes with chunky logo detail

You know mules are everywhere when even the people of Diemme – known for their mountain-conquering hiking boots – design versions for casual camping mornings.

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Clark’s original “Wallabee” slides

The crepe sole boots you know and love, now updated for 2022.

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Reebok Beatnik slides

If you’re the sporty type with hiking shorts and crossbody bags, these might be your new daily go-tos.

Marni “Sabot” loafers in black leather

Butter-soft, grained leather used to be the sole domain of high-quality wingtips and boots. No longer.

The best mules for men 2022: 17 slip-ons to air out your ankles in style

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