The best massage guns are hard and relieve muscle soreness

The best massage guns are everywhere these days. It’s scattered around the NBA game bystanders, the NFL locker room, and Instagram of your favorite personal trainer. Probably no fitness tool is so loved on the market today.And they came length The way since GQ asked if they were “worth it” a few years ago. The latest generation of percussive treatment devices are quieter and more compact, and prices have dropped dramatically.

But as it became more popular, there was a noticeable influx of all sorts of similar-looking suspicious products from companies that we couldn’t even pronounce. So we tested various options and found a place to actually find the best massage gun to withstand the hype.

Absolutely the best massage gun

Theragun Pro is a Rolls Royce massage gun with a matching price tag. The Elite Model is still gorgeous, but has almost the same features as the Pro, but saves $ 200. Also, the Pro is much more adjustable, but these moving parts tend to rattle a bit. The quieter Elite model means you won’t drown the latest Netflix binge when smashing your muscles.

The best portable massage gun

Last year, Hyperice partnered with the NBA and has since seen everyone from Luka to Russ to LeBron use the model on the courtside. Hyperice is now using Hypervolt GO to complete the model on the go. Light enough to fit in a gym bag or suitcase, this little model has a slightly angled handle that doesn’t lack power and makes it easy to reach all the hard-to-reach muscles of your back. ..

Best budget massage gun

There are no bells or whistles here. An incredibly reliable massage gun with an unobtrusive design that doesn’t lack power or attachments (comes with 4 different massage heads and 5 levels of strength) is a guilty price.

The best massage device that is not really a massage gun

Muscle scraping has its roots in traditional herbal medicine and has recently regained popularity among both fitness and cosmetology enthusiasts. So the Strig people asked themselves, What if you combine a muscle scraper with a massage gun? As a result, it is one of the more unique recovery tools we have tried for quite some time. A stainless steel blade mounted on a versatile handle that can generate both pleasing micro-vibrations and micro-currents at three different power levels.

7 other massage guns we love

It’s not surprising at this point that Theragun’s scaled-down products have been put together with the same care as the Pro or Elite models. The completely unique design of the Mini’s triangular shape looks awkward than many other miniature models, but weighs less than two pounds and is extremely comfortable in the hand.

One of the most comfortable massage guns to use thanks to its angled handle, the Ekrin B37 offers up to 57 pounds worth of force and the best travel case of any other massage gun.

The original Hypervolt is equipped with Bluetooth. This means you can connect Bluetooth to your phone and take full advantage of the Hyperice app, which provides guided and easy-to-understand recovery routines.

For just $ 50, it’s hard to find a full-size massage gun that’s better than Keris. Not only does it have a wide vibration range, but it can also be stored in 10 different head attachments and a sturdy carrying case.

The ultra-compact Power Plate Mini + is one of the quietest massage guns you can find without sacrificing power.

FusionX heating massage gun

What is better than a massage gun that incorporates hyperthermia directly into the device?

Tim Tam Pocket Power Massager

Tim Tam reduced the massage gun to the size of an iPhone and weighed only one pound. As with most technologies, you can charge any USB-C cord.

Man walking on the grid

How well does it fit your body just by walking?

Obviously, walking is good for you. But can it shape you?

The best massage guns are hard and relieve muscle soreness

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