The best beard brush for robust scratches

You can’t guess this by looking at the beard brush, but it can change your abrasions. Its small handheld tool can make a big difference in itching and scratches on the beard. You can prevent dandruff and split ends of your beard. It can make it much easier to grow long or bushy beards and also helps keep things in shape.

However, not all beard brushes work the same. Normally, they help loosen the bushy facial hair, but distribute natural oils throughout the beard (similar to a hairbrush). This prevents dry, brittle hair, itchy beards, and split ends. A beard brush can make your beard look richer or help you prepare for styling if you want to finally comb it clean and in good shape. The beard brush also facilitates the uniform application of nutritional products (such as beard oil and beard balm). Some brushes provide an exfoliating effect on the skin under the beard (and thus prevent dandruff on the beard), removing debris and flakes trapped within the beard itself.

Beard brush vs. beard comb

Most beard brushes have the primary function of untangling the hair and distributing natural moisture throughout the strands to keep the facial hair healthy. The beard comb, on the other hand, is ideal for the distribution of products such as beard oil and lightweight balms, as well as for any styling effect. (Combs tend to pull hair when used to untangle.)

Simply put, the brush is for the beard care, And combs are for beards styling— Lots of gray areas. (Maybe it’s best to pick up one for each.)

How to use the beard brush

Usually, after an evening shower, the beard is brushed to distribute the natural and applied oils. Brush off the clean, dry beard from below (neck) and move it upwards and outwards. Basically, by moving away from natural growth, you will have a large, bushy beard. Then brush it back in place (using a growth pattern). It distributes sebum and oil and keeps the hair untangled.

The best beard brush

The best boar beard brush

Cremo boar beard brush

Traditional boar hair is valued for its ability to distribute water. This is 100% boar, 0% BS. Great brush at an affordable price.

The best beard brush

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Made from African wengewood, this beautiful brush is as flashy as a beard.

The best beard brush for short beards

Proraso Facial Hairbrush

A blend of nylon and boar that is just strong enough for short to medium style and tame mustaches.

The best beard brush for long beards

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Beard Brand Boar-Bristle Beard Brush

Traditional boar hair with a long handle design.

The best dual purpose beard brush

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Goodfellow & Co Double-sided beard brush

One end is for a short beard and the other end is for a little growth.

The best round beard brush

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Zilber Haar Round Brush for Beard and Hair

If you want to style and shape your beard in the morning (with or without a blow dryer), use this durable round brush to engrave things in place.

The best travel beard brush

All Manjack Synthetic Beard Brushes

Compact and portable — perfect for Dopp kits.

Best heating / whiskers straightening brush

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Kuschelbär heated whiskers straightening brush

One of the other types of beard brushes is this heated orthodontic brush. This unwinds and lengthens. Kuschelbär means a hugging bear and is a ticket to a longer and cuter beard.

The best mustache brush

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The length and width required for a fuzzy upper lip.

How to grow a beard for the first time. Bradley Cooper with a perfect and well-maintained beard.

How to grow a beard for the first time

A 7-step plan to maximize your beard potential.

The best beard brush for robust scratches

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