The background of an American teenage shooter investigated in massacres

Police in the northeastern city of Buffalo, New York, on Sunday worked to unravel the background of a teenage gunman who opened fire on a grocery store, killing 10 people and injuring three in what authorities described as “violent extremist racism.” ”

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told CBS ‘Face the Nation that the police “are going through every detail, every detail of this shooter’s background to figure out why it happened, how it happened and why. this person came to Buffalo City. to commit this heinous crime. “

The attacker was identified as Payton Gendron, from Conklin, a community in New York State about 20 miles southeast of Buffalo. He is white and 11 of the 13 victims of the shootings were black.

Authorities say he carried out the riot in mid-Saturday wearing military equipment and streamed it live with a helmet camera. He eventually dropped his weapon and turned himself in to police inside the Tops Friendly Market, which is located in a neighborhood that is mostly black in a city of 278,000 people.

“We are certainly saddened that someone drove hundreds of miles away, someone not from this community who did not know this community that came here to take as many black lives as possible, who did it on purpose, in a considered way, organized it. “Said Brown, Buffalo’s first black mayor.

“But we are a strong community and we will continue to do so,” he said. “This is a community that is experiencing development. People have been hoping and waiting for investment and growth and opportunities. We do not let hateful ideology stop the progress we see and experience in the city of Buffalo. “

As is often the case after mass shootings in the United States, Brown called on Congress to tighten gun control laws, saying, “We need to put more pressure on Washington MPs, who have been barriers, for sensible gun control, to reform how guns are allowed to increase in number and fall into the wrong hands in this country. “

Such requests for mass shootings last year have largely gone unnoticed, with minor changes to the law on gun control. Gun ownership in the United States is enshrined in the United States Constitution.

Gendron, wearing a hospital gown, was taken to court on Saturday night on a first-degree murder charge and remanded in custody without bail. Another court hearing is planned for the next few days.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the shooting a hate crime at a previous news conference.

“It was pure evil. “It was a straightforward racist hate crime from someone outside our community, outside the city of good neighbors… to come into our community and try to bring this evil upon us,” Garcia said.

Investigators said they were reviewing a lengthy statement that they then suspected was posted online by the gunman, describing his motives and the ideology of the white authorities. The 180-page document describes the author’s radicalism in online forums, as well as a plan to target mostly black neighborhoods.

The author described himself as a white authority, fascist and anti-Semitic. The statement reiterates the far-right conspiracy theory, which claims that the white population in Western countries is being reduced – or “replaced” by non-white immigrants.

Mayor Brown said a mix of guns and such an ideology was flammable.

“It’s not just Buffalo, New York. “There are communities in every corner of this country that are insecure with guns and with a hateful ideology that has multiplied on social media and the internet,” he told CBS. “It simply came to our notice then. It must be stopped. It is not freedom of speech. It’s not American speech. That’s hate speech. And that must end. “

The background of an American teenage shooter investigated in massacres

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