The “awakened” issue says distracted leaders from Afghanistan, former military officials

As the Senate Military Commission prepares to grill military leaders on Tuesday’s Afghanistan blunder, several Pentagon officials recently told Fox News that Afghanistan has an internal focus on the left-wing cultural battle. He said he may have distracted the top brass from his plans and military readiness.

One of the former officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that under President Biden, senior officials held weekly and sometimes even more “cultural war” issues. The list of attendees included Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and all military secretaries, officials said.

“They have never met about preparation, but they met weekly on transgender issues, radicalism, racism, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc.,” said a former official, focusing on Afghanistan. He added that it was likely that he was distracted from his plans.

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“There are only 168 hours a week. They were spending all their time doing these things, especially early on. Yes, they were distracted,” officials said.

Even when the Taliban began to take over the country little by little throughout the summer and culminated in the collapse of Kabul and the seizure of billions of dollars of US military equipment, the US military was slow to coordinate its withdrawal plans.

“Political leadership is not focused on missions. They are focused on waging a cultural war against our military personnel,” officials said.

General Mark Milley (right), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, answered questions about the end of the war in Afghanistan during a briefing with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 in the Pentagon, Washington. rice field. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)
(AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

Military leaders claim that they lead a “non-political” army and say that it is necessary to focus on cultural issues to ensure the fair treatment of everyone in the army. increase.

“I want the United States to know that the US military is a non-political institution,” General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in July.

However, the information provided by insiders to Fox came shortly after many political debates about the military, including the White House appointing Bishop Garrison as senior adviser and head of the Pentagon’s “Working Group on Anti-Extremistism.” increase.

Garrison tweeted in 2019 that Trump’s supporters are racist, misogyny, and radicalists. Support for [Trump]Racists support all his beliefs, “Garrison argued.

The Navy also faced criticism in March after a leaked slide from the military’s “radicalism” training.

Another controversy arose when the Navy put Ibram Kendy’s “How to Become an Anti-Racist” on the Recommended Reading List. Despite its title, critics consider the book itself to be racist, “the only remedy for racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination.” It cites the words of books such as, and the opposition of books to a color-blind society.

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The so-called “awakened” ideology illustrated in the book has led to training that many call racists. Senators Tom Cotton and Dan Crenshaw have created a hint line for soldiers to report “awakened” management mistakes and received hundreds of hints.

“Airmen told us that their troops were forced into a racist movement called the Privilege Walk, where the members of the wing stratified people based on their perceived privileges. They were ordered to separate themselves by race and gender in order to become, “Cotton said in the year he heard this.

“One Marine told us that military history training sessions were replaced by compulsory training on police atrocities, white privileges, and systematic racism,” Cotton said.

“Members of the special operations community told us that the US special operations community is racist,” Senator added.

The Cotton report also quoted angry military personnel, saying that the Navy Lieutenant “I think he cares more about having enough diversity officers than surviving the fight against the Chinese Navy.”

“It’s a criminal. They think my only value is a black woman, but you cut our ship with a missile and we’ll all bleed the same color,” said the lieutenant. Continued.

A senior official who spoke with Fox said the trust wasted by “awakened” political action had devastating consequences, especially in the light of Afghanistan.

“Disasters are always happening in government agencies of all kinds,” officials said. “That’s why we need bipartisan support, right? It’s now that military leaders need military support. They need to think to our military personnel that they are credible leaders. They don’t have it. Our military personnel “don’t trust them. They also need the help of Americans. And most Americans look at the last eight months and say,” These People have essentially no interest in our country. “

Military leaders often cite the need for a more comprehensive army as a reason for their focus on eradicating radicalism, racism and sexual harassment. However, a senior official who spoke with Fox said these issues were exaggerated beyond what the data supports.

“There are 2 million service members. They saw dozens of individuals saying,” I’m going to dismantle the government, “on these real wacky work websites. “

“Dozens of the two million, or peanuts, yet they took the entire army off training for a day to talk about extremism,” said a senior official.

A senior official also discussed who was behind the “awakened” push and suggested that Austin could be the least ideological of the top brasses.

“The White House also staffed all of these, but they weren’t the Austin people. Austin was surrounded by his Chief of Staff, a special assistant to radicalism, a special assistant to climate change, and a special assistant to COVID. The house extremists. They were trying to control Austin, and they were trying to control the flow of information to him. “

“The Pentagon is a multi-layered organization with the ability to focus on a variety of missions, from combat to humanitarianism, ensuring the readiness and readiness of the armed forces and keeping members at the highest standards of action,” the Pentagon said. Secretary Press John Kirby told Fox News by email.

“Austin is committed to maintaining and strengthening the combat readiness needed to protect our country from domestic and foreign enemies. That is, the ministry treats all personnel with dignity and respect. I attach great importance to. ”

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When asked about the difference between the Trump and Biden administrations, a former senior official laughed.

“Oh, my goodness. The last administration was very different … the leaders were considering war plans. They are planning audits and trying to improve efficiency,” said a former senior official.

Under the Trump administration, officials focused on three main objectives: “strengthening lethality and readiness, strengthening relationships with alliance partners, and sector reform,” officials said.

The “awakened” issue says distracted leaders from Afghanistan, former military officials

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