Texas refused to use Dominion voting system software due to efficiency issues

Texas has refused to use Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) vote counting software three times. report From the Secretary of State (SOS) office dated January this year.

A review report of the latest software, Democracy Suite 5.5-A, by Deputy Secretary of State Jose Garza said: It works efficiently and accurately. It is safe from unauthorized or unauthorized operation. “

DVS is a company that handles election software and hardware. It has been particularly blamed by President Donald Trump for the irregularity of voting reports.

The first (and informal) election night report in Antrim County, Michigan, using DVS products Down ballot adjustment I stopped operating the machine. Votes were counted correctly, but the data for updated and non-updated machines did not match in the reporting software.

The error was detected and immediately fixed, and the Secretary of State of Michigan Said If it hadn’t been before, the county solicitation would have caught the problem. A door-to-door visit is essentially an audit conducted by all election offices in all counties in all states to finalize the results.

Another error Occurred In Gwinnett County, Georgia, reporting of absentee ballots was delayed due to a human error in the marking of voters who couldn’t register on the machine (that is, a checkmark instead of filling in a bubble). An error was detected and fixed.

Attorney General Ken Paxton of the office involved in the decision to reject the software Said In this week’s radio show, “We have not approved these voting systems based on recurring software and hardware issues. They were determined to be inaccurate and unsuccessful — fraud and tampering. Was vulnerable to. “

But each of the Secretaries of State 3 reports — Implemented in August 2012, January 2019, and October 2019 — Potential security issues indicate that they were at best secondary concerns.

Ryan Vassar, Attorney General, Attorney General’s Office (OAG) I have written“Both during and after the review, the examiner raised certain concerns regarding legal compliance, including many technical and mechanical issues.”

User interface, troubleshooting, and efficiency concerns represent the majority of spilled ink. Evaluation report..

As with general elections, the benchmarks set by Texas are not necessarily the same as the benchmarks established by Michigan, as test criteria vary widely from state to state.

This is not the first time political anger has targeted voting system companies. After the 2004 election, electronic voting machine maker Deebolt was accused of manipulating the results in support of Republican President George W. Bush.

Since the preliminary results of Election Night, concerns and allegations of fraud in major swing states have permeated the air.

Scams are not non-existent when they occur, but they are most often present in low-margin races.For example, in September, the Attorney General’s office Charged Gregg County Commissioner who voted fraudulently in the 2018 Democratic primary. I won with 5 votes.

A few days after the election, Limestone County social workers Charged We have submitted fraudulent voter registration applications to 67 residents of the Mexia State Support and Living Center. Many are not qualified due to mental illness.

Last week, Vice Governor Dan Patrick Offer Up to $ 1 million in rewards for the secrets of successful nationwide voting.

Due to the vigilance of the authorities and the already widely used security measures, committing any kind of fraudulent voting Quite difficult Not only can you do it, you can also escape. Since its inception in 2004, OAG’s election integrity unit has been Successful prosecution 457 frauds — many individuals were charged with multiple cases each — and 75 investigations were unresolved.

During that period, millions of votes were cast in Texas.

Russell Ramsland, a resident of Dallas County and a member of the Allied Security Operations Group, filed an affidavit alleging fraud from DVS Services in Michigan during the 2020 elections.

Trump Campaign Legal Advisor Thursday Called Hearings on DVS and alleged fraudulent voting practices.

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Texas refused to use Dominion voting system software due to efficiency issues

Source link Texas refused to use Dominion voting system software due to efficiency issues

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