Texas power grid upgrade: ERCOT said they are ready for heating

ERCOT is preparing for a rise in temperature over the weekend.

HOUSTON – Energy experts warn of power outages in Texas this weekend.

For May, there are concerns about high demand almost all the time. Experts are concerned that some of the state’s heating plants may be offline due to repairs. But ERCOT says they are asking plants to postpone scheduled repairs to be ready for demand.

KHOU 11 contacted ERCOT about their readiness and they sent us the following statement.

“The Texas Electricity Trust Council (ERCOT) expects extremely hot weather in the region from Monday, May 6 to May 9, and may exceed energy demand.

ERCOT will deploy all the tools at our disposal to manage the network reliably. ERCOT works closely with the Public Utilities Commission, generation resource owners, and transmission utilities to ensure they are prepared for extreme heat. ERCOT this weekend asked Texas residents to postpone scheduled power outages in the region and return from ongoing interruptions. In this case, ERCOT projects will have enough production to meet this high demand for electricity.

The memory of last February is still fresh in the memory of Texas, as millions of people in the state were left without electricity for days, and the temperature remained below freezing.

You can control network conditions from the ERCOT digital dashboard.

KHOU 11 energy expert Ed Hirs said, “This weekend the heat wave and heat index 103 and 105 and almost a quarter of the generators will be crowded offline, which could cause power outages in various parts of the state.”

Hirs said power companies are keen not to turn all power plants online.

“If they bring them all online, they guarantee low wholesale prices, but if some don’t come back online, the price can go up to the average price,” he said. “We’re short this weekend and we need to see if it’s a concern, hopefully it won’t be a disaster.”

According to ERCOT, this is a real-time review of energy supply and demand. It also shows the forecast demand and supply based on the forecast.

ERCOT monitors the status of the network, as well as the status of operational reserves.

Yes A few more real-time monitors that you can check out on the ERCOT websiteincluding system demand, solar energy, current prices, etc.

Texas power grid upgrade: ERCOT said they are ready for heating

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