Texas people need to renew their vehicle title and registration by April 14th

According to the Texas DMV, Texas people must complete delinquent transactions by the end of April 14. There is no grace period after the deadline.

Texas, USA — According to the Texas Automobile Authority (TxDMV), Texas, whose vehicle ownership and registration has expired, must be renewed by April 14 without facing any penalties.

On March 16, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott signed an order waiving ownership and registration requirements for certain vehicles. The order is set to expire on April 14. After April 14, law enforcement may begin issuing citations to drivers with expired vehicle registrations. According to TxDMV, there is no grace period after the deadline.

TxDMV has also notified Texas people to complete expired transactions now.

Here’s how to renew your registration:

TxDMV has presented three different ways for Texas people to renew their vehicle registration.

  • online: Go to TxDMV.gov or www.Texas.gov. This is the fastest and cheapest way to update. Update online and save $ 1. Online renewal is available within 9 months of the registration expiration date.
  • Mail: Please return the bottom of the registration renewal form, payments, and other required information to the county tax collector-tax collector. Drivers who choose to update by email should have sufficient time to deliver and process the email.
  • Direct: County Tax Collector-Go to the Tax Collector’s office. In many counties, you can also update directly in other locations, such as certain grocery stores. Contact your county tax office to find out the time and place.The Travis County Tax Office said: April 8th, when the vehicle registrant has expired for more than 9 months You can drop in at the head office.

Important Note: Unless the vehicle is exempt from inspection requirements, the Texans must undergo a passed vehicle inspection before applying for renewal.

According to TxDMV, the temporary exemption that expires covers the following services:

  • Initial registration of vehicle
  • Vehicle registration update
  • Vehicle title
  • Permanent disability parking placard renewal
  • 30 days temporary permit

TxDMV does not support services such as issuing a driver’s license or state ID card. Texas people who need to renew their driver’s license or state ID should contact the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

See: Texas DPS schedule continues until 2021

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Texas people need to renew their vehicle title and registration by April 14th

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