Texas grandmother, grandson surprised by a small wish

Carol Miles wanted to thank her granddaughters for their help, so she nominated them for Little Wish. And I didn’t expect her to make a wish either.

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2020 was not kind to any of us.

But it was more cruel to Carol Mile than most of us.

On September 29, 2020, Carroll’s husband was scheduled to undergo back surgery.

“He was walking in the hospital and said he would meet me in a few hours,” Carroll said. “After four or five hours, they came out telling me he had a stroke.”

A stroke during surgery paralyzed his left side.

“He probably won’t walk again. We basically have to do everything for him,” Carroll said.

Carol and her husband raised five grandchildren together.

Maria McDowell, 11, and Morgan Jones, 16, still live with them.

When their grandfather “Big Daddy” had a stroke, Morgan and Maria began to help Carol take care of him.

“They were great about helping us,” Carroll said.

“When I go to the grocery store, they’re looking at him. They always want to pitch and do something. But I’m a teenager and what’s happening at home I don’t want to worry about it. “

Carol had to devote herself to saving money in order to have access to her wheelchair at home.

I didn’t have the money or the time to give the girls the fun of summer.

So Carroll nominated Morgan and Maria for Little Wish.

“The Sampack Auto Group is sending a season pass to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor,” she told the girl, reading a letter revealing her surprise.

They broke out with a wide smile.

Little Wish also includes a gift certificate for Morgan’s art lessons and a gift card for Maria’s bookstore.

Both girls will receive a $ 150 gift card for Forever 21 and a $ 100 gift card for Bath & Body Works.

But Carroll didn’t know that the Sampack Auto Group had another surprise.

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She couldn’t hold back her tears when she heard that she was also given her little wish.

She receives hundreds of dollars in gift cards from Albertsons for groceries and the Home Depot to cover the cost of additional home repairs.

The family is also served meals at two of their favorite restaurants, IHOP and Texas Roadhouse.

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“Thank you very much,” she continued to say.

She teaches her granddaughter to take care of her family at the best and most difficult times.

Hopefully Little Wish will make the most difficult times a little better.

Texas grandmother, grandson surprised by a small wish

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