Texas Fair Exhibits Remember People Lost at COVID

This exhibit pays homage to the forces behind COVID-19 and Mundo Latino, the people lost by Cynthia Benavidez Luna.

The Dallas-Women’s Museum has been transformed into the Diadelos Muertos Exhibition in Mundratino, Fair, Texas.

Luminary bags line the outside of the museum along with decorative skulls.

The three interior floors tell the story of the Day of the Dead tradition. There are also pictures of people taken by a pandemic sitting next to the decorative skull on the altar.

Daniel Gutierrez Mendoza is one of the most memorable figures.

Daniel’s brother, Eduardo Gutierrez, is one of the artists behind Offrender, dedicated to the life lost by COVID-19.

“He has always helped me with the production in Mexico City,” said Eduardo, Artistic Director of the Ollipmaxqui Ballet Company.

Daniel Gutierrez died of COVID in 2020.

Eduardo said that many of the people on the altar are those he knows.

“They are always in our hearts and hearts,” Eduardo said. “That’s why we chose these pieces to remember them.”

Day of the Dead is the time to celebrate life, and Eduardo said he would find some comfort in it.

“We know we’ll meet someday. We’ll be with them and continue to celebrate life in another life,” Eduardo said.

There are three more altars on the second floor, also known as off-renders.

Each render tells a different story of the pre-Columbian Mexico to the present and the deceased.

Jacobo Dominguez Osorio explains that art installations are a way to connect people from different backgrounds.

“Culture, art and gastronomy help every relationship between people and the country. It is very important to be able to learn about other cultures,” said Dominges Osorio in Spanish.

Dominguez Osorio recreated the tradition of Diadelos Muertos in the cemetery, creating some of the papier-mâché artwork on the third floor.

Tombstones are aligned with calendula [marigolds], Candles and crosses.

The exhibition also pays homage to Mundo Latino’s own Cynthia Benavidez Luna. She died of renal failure in 2014, but succeeded in organizing an exhibition through her own company, Strategic Events.

Dominguez Osorio lovingly recalled Benavidez Luna, saying that it covers Mundo Latino’s efforts to celebrate culture and connect people.

“She organized several events to promote Mexican culture, traditions and customs,” said Dominges Osorio.

The exhibition will be open throughout the Texas Fair. There are also private activities and performances.

Texas Fair Exhibits Remember People Lost at COVID

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