Texas death row inmate asks to delay execution so he can donate kidney Texas

A Texas man who will be executed in less than two weeks has asked him to delay his execution so he can donate a kidney.

Ramiro González, 39, who will die by lethal injection on July 13, has filed formal requests to postpone his execution so he can provide a kidney donation to someone who urgently needs a transplant.

“How can I bring it back to life? I think this could be one of the closest things to doing it?” Gonzales told Project Marshall.

Gonzales’ attorneys requested a 30-day pardon from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and a 180-day pardon from the Texas pardon and parole board, citing kidney donation.

Gonzales first had the idea to donate his kidney while corresponding with Michael Zoosman, a former prison chaplain and death penalty activist, the Independent reported.

The two had been corresponding since January 2021, exchanging letters, works of art and poetry. In a letter, Zoosman mentioned that a woman in his community was looking for a kidney donor, and Gonzales replied that he was eager to help.

“He jumped on it,” Zoosman told the Independent, adding that Gonzales wanted to find “a way to save a life.”

Although Gonzales was ultimately not a rival to the woman, he remained interested in finding ways to donate his kidney.

Gonzalez also has a rare blood type, which could help those who have difficulty finding a suitable match.

“I have no doubt in my mind that Ramiro’s desire to be an altruistic kidney donor is not motivated by a last-minute attempt to stop or delay his execution,” Zoosman wrote to the Associated Press. “I will go to my grave believing in my heart that this is something Ramiro wants to do to help him make his soul good with his God.”

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice allows incarcerated people to donate organs and tissues.

Gonzales was deemed ineligible to donate after making an application earlier this year, department spokeswoman Amanda Hernandez told the Associated Press, though she did not provide the reason.

The Texas Pardon and Parole Board will vote on Gonzales ’pardon requests on July 11th.

Gonzales is on death row after being convicted of shooting 18-year-old Bridget Townsend in southwestern Texas in 2001.

Texas death row inmate asks to delay execution so he can donate kidney Texas

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