Texas Coronavirus Experts Assess Herd Immunity

Texas — The situation surrounding the coronavirus continues to improve in Texas, with cases and hospitalizations declining significantly since its peak earlier this year. However, due to the growing variety of cases throughout the state, health officials warn that we are not outside the forest.

State health officials reported just over 3,200 new cases on Tuesday, with 2,600 currently hospitalized. The decrease in numbers is mainly due to vaccination. Currently, 36 percent of Texas is fully vaccinated.

Dr. Gerald Parker, director of the Pandemic and Biosecurity Policy Program at Bush, Texas A & M University, said: Government and civil service schools.

There are also some concerns that may change as demand for vaccines declines. One of the new concerns is those who skip the second dose. About 5% of Texas are late for their second dose, according to state health officials. In other words, it is not very effective in preventing the spread of the disease and protecting yourself.
“The second dose is very important for eliciting a proper immune response, so that we can immunize properly,” said Dr. Parker.

Some health experts believe that reduced vaccination is unlikely to cause herd immunity, but Dr. Parker said he is optimistic that we are moving in the right direction.

“I’m going to break the conventional knowledge here. I think we need to discuss how important herd immunity is a little more honestly. Of course, it’s important to achieve, but is it really achievable? And I Can we do what we can? ”Are you starting over now to mitigate the serious consequences of COVID-19? And I think we can, “he said.

As the session ends, health experts are also urging lawmakers to prepare for the next pandemic. A series of proposals have been submitted in connection with the pandemic.

“Preparation is essential. For me, the most important thing we can do is to have a structure that enables proper leadership. The right framework for effective coordination, collaboration, innovation and communication. It’s necessary. That’s really the most important thing, “said Dr. Parker. “We always need more resources, but if we can’t integrate and better utilize the resources we have, we will not be as ready as we can. . ”

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Texas Coronavirus Experts Assess Herd Immunity

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