Texas CBD store owner unloads Delta 8THC from shelves

Pflugerville, Texas — The Texas Department of Health updated its website on October 15 to reveal that Delta 8THC products are illegal in Texas. This change has surprised CBD stores throughout the state.

“We thought we had at least a couple of years before something happened,” said Barrett Smith, owner of CBD American Shaman in Pflugerville.

His customers who rely on it are his primary concern, but he says he is at risk of losing income. Delta-8 THC accounts for almost 40% of his total sales.

“I’m a young business owner,” Barrett said. “This store was three years ago. I have 10,000 inventories that can’t do anything. I’m definitely worried because I’m a serious criminal who technically understands the law and holds it now.”

Barrett says, as far as he knows, it is a legitimate entity under the 2018 Federal Agricultural Bill. He started selling the delta-8THC in his store about a year ago. Currently, all his products are locked in cabinets.

“We had our customers leave the store crying,” Barrett said. “Sorry. Sending them out breaks my heart, but we absolutely must. No criminal liability.”

“We are helping people suffering from conditions such as PTSD, arthritis, anxiety and sleep disorders,” said Texas, an association for Texas farmers, processors, retailers, and consumers of hemp and hemp by-products. Zachary Maxwell, chairman of the hemp growers, said. According to Maxwell, the Texas Department of Health has followed legal guidelines and selected a different list of what is considered a regulated substance than the federal government. Delta 8THC is listed as a Schedule I regulated substance.

“In reality, they followed the steps to achieve it, whether we agreed or not,” Maxwell said.

In an email reply to Spectrum News 1, the State Department of Health Services states that it has not changed the schedule of THC-related regulated substances since it was published in March 2021. Hemp industry.

Maxwell says he needs to legitimately sell the CBD products that remain on the shelves, hoping that customers will continue to come to his door.

“I need to rely on the community to support my business.”

Texas CBD store owner unloads Delta 8THC from shelves

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