Texas Capitol Sends Republican Voting Rights Act to Governor

Austin, Texas – Republican-controlled Texas Legislature passed a major overhaul of state election law on Tuesday, tightening already strict voting rules, and cruel defeat to Democrats after a month-long fierce battle for voting rights Brought.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott said he would sign the latest bill in a national GOP campaign to add new hurdles to voting in the name of security. This effort, which introduced new restrictions in Georgia, Florida, Arizona, etc., was partially spurred by the false allegations of former President Donald Trump’s election theft.

Texas Democrats have fought the bill for months, and the bill has been adjusted to make it difficult for young people, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities (all Democratic voters) to vote. Insisted. The bill specifically targets Democratic homes, including Harris County in Houston, and further tightens state rules that are already considered one of the most difficult places to cast ballots.


The bill begins a hot summer in Texas on a strike by Democrats, Republicans threaten them with arrests, and Abbott refuses to pay thousands of civilians when the bill doesn’t reach him early. , Accused of racial discrimination and oppression of voters.

“The emotional reason for not voting is that it brings difficulties to people because of their color and ethnicity. I’m part of that class,” said Democrat Garnet, who returned to the State Capitol.・ Coleman said. The Capitol earlier this month helped end the 38-day standoffs.


Even the final ballot did not escape the confrontational farewell round after the Senate Republicans cut off one of the few areas of the bipartisan agreement at the very end: they cast voters convicted of felony. An effort ballot that protects you from prosecution if you do not realize you are not eligible. This was included in response to a backlash against the arrests of two Texas voters, both black. This has intensified criticism in the widespread dispute over voting restrictions that opposition will affect voters disproportionately.

Texas limits voting time and empowers partisan poll watchers under a nearly 75-page bill known as Senate Bill 1. The House and Senate maintained their position in the face of months of protest and escalating brink.


“Senate Bill 1 solidifies confidence and confidence in the outcome of elections by facilitating voting and making fraud difficult. Sign Senate Bill 1 to ensure the integrity of Texas elections. I’m looking forward to that, “Abbott said in a statement minutes after the bill was passed.

The suffering is unlikely to end with Abbott’s signature.

The Texas Capitol will soon move to another prosecuted battle over a redrawn voting map that could fix Republican election dominance over the next decade. Since 2010, Texas has added more than 4 million new residents, more than any other state, with more than 9 people of color for every 10 new residents.

Democrats have criticized the voting bill in an attempt to curb the turnout of more diverse voters in the ascendants as Republicans accustomed to winning elections in America’s largest red state have begun to lose their position. ..


The Texas Republican Party defended the bill on the same terms that the GOP used in more than 12 other states that passed restrictive voting this year. Extensive fraudulent voting.

When the bill was finalized in the Senate on Tuesday, it was Republican Vice-Governor Dan Patrick who had the gavel in Days. A few days after last year’s election, Patrick provided a $ 1 million reward to support Trump’s unfounded allegations of fraud in polls.

One clause of the bill sought to add clarity that one must have known that a person was voting illegally in order to face prosecution. However, although it received approval from the House of Representatives, it was rejected by Senate negotiators just as the bill was finalized over the weekend.

Texas law prohibits voting on parole, probation, or released people under supervision. However, both Republicans and Democrats have expressed concern about Crystal Mason’s case, which was sentenced to five years in prison in 2018 for throwing provisional ballots in the 2016 presidential election during probation. She said she was unaware that she was not eligible to cast ballots at the time.


Her interim vote has ended countlessly and her proceedings are currently on appeal.

After the full voting bill was cleared, the House of Representatives approved a resolution that “a person should not be criminally imprisoned for making an innocent mistake.” I passed 119-4.

“In such a situation, you shouldn’t be in jail for five years,” said Republican Rep. Dustin Burrows.

Texas already has some of the strictest election laws in the United States, and many of the most fiercely contested changes currently heading for Abbott are made during the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas’ largest counties, including Houston. Prohibition of expansion of voting options. The main source of democratic voting.

Last year, Harris County offered a 24-hour polling place and drive-through voting, sending a mail ballot application to 2 million registered voters. All of this has been outlawed with Abbott’s signature, and election authorities who send ballots by mail to voters who do not require ballots may face criminal penalties.


Republicans have accused critics of exaggerating their influence, but said strict rules dominate power that local election authorities didn’t have in the first place. They also emphasized that two-week votes for early voting throughout Texas must be held for at least an hour extra, and more counties must be held for at least 12 hours. ..

Mason’s tort arrest is not the only one that draws criticism from Democrats and voting groups. In July, Hervis Rogers was arrested on suspicion of illegal voting after waiting in line for more than six hours in the 2020 presidential primary and then throwing ballots during his provisional release.

The incident drew public attention and offended critics. They both saw it as a Republican enthusiastic attempt to scrutinize the rare cases of inappropriate voting. The Brennan Center for Justice in 2017 ranked the risk of ballot fraud from 0.00004% to 0.0009% based on a survey of past elections.



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Texas Capitol Sends Republican Voting Rights Act to Governor

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