Texas becomes “second amendment sanctuary”, banning federal gun control enforcement

Texas will become a “second amendment sanctuary” through new legislation aimed at blocking some potential federal firearms regulations.

Since the last session, more than one-fifth of Texas counties have declared gun rights paradise and promised not to enforce new unconstitutional gun control.

Congressman Justin Holland (R-Rockwall) House Building (HB) 2622 Unless such policies are stipulated in state law, we aim to extend that measure throughout the state by prohibiting state and local governments from enforcing certain possible regulations.

Texas administrative divisions attempting to enforce these regulations are threatened with a penalty of blocking state funding, and the Attorney General assists individuals in jurisdictions whose policies are enforced by entities under the state. Will be instructed.

However, federal governments, including federal law enforcement agencies, are not prohibited from enforcing such new regulations.

The bill was final approved by the Senate on Monday and is currently being sent to the governor’s desk for signature.

Governor Greg Abbott said Near the beginning of the legislative session He wanted to see such a policy enacted and expressed his support for HB2622.

Abbott Said The Dutch bill “will protect Lone Star from new federal gun control,” he said.

“Don’t step on Texas,” Abbott said.

However, the new Second Amendment Protection applies only to certain new gun controls that are not on Texas books. These include federal firearm registration, new licensing requirements, background checks for private transfers, confiscation or repurchase programs.

The bill does not list other potential federal gun control measures, such as a ban on the sale of certain types of guns and firearms.

The banned policies are limited to those enacted by the federal government after January 19, 2021, the day before President Joe Biden took office.

After the Governor’s signature, the bill will come into effect on September 1, 2021.

Texas becomes “second amendment sanctuary”, banning federal gun control enforcement

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