Texas-based barge company pays $ 15.3 million for 2014 oil spill damage on Houston Ship Channel – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Houston (CBSDFW.OM) – Houston-based Kirby Inland Marine LP is based on the Oil Pollution Act to resolve federal and state claims for damages to natural resources resulting from Kirby’s spill of oil after a collision. Agreed to pay $ 15.3 million for damages and assessment costs. , The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday, December 1st.

The United States and Texas have filed a civil suit at the same time with the proposed consent decree.

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The complaint was monetary under the Oil Pollution Act for damage to natural resources caused by Kirby’s discharge of approximately 4,000 barrels (168,000 gallons) of oil from one of the barges into the Houston Ship Channel in Texas City “Y” in March 2014. Seeking damages and costs. intersection.

The complaint is that Kirby’s towboat, Miss Susan, is approaching the M / V Summerwind, 585-a 1-foot-long deep-sea draft bulk carrier already underway on the route.

Oil flowed from the Houston Ship Channel into Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, contaminating the water and washing it ashore from the collision site to the Padre Island National Coast near Corpus Christi.

The DOJ said in a news release that the oil spill had serious consequences and injuries to Texas coastlines, including the Matagorda Wildlife Sanctuary, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, dolphins and migratory birds.

The oil spill also forced the Houston Ship Channel to close, disrupting recreational use of the Texas Coastline and losing recreational opportunities to beaches far south of the Galveston region to the Padre Island National Coast.

Kirby, the Coast Guard, and Texas have been involved in a wide range of response and cleanup efforts, and Kirby has helped assess damage to natural resources.

Todd Kim, Assistant Secretary of Justice, Department of Justice’s Department of Justice for Environment and Natural Resources, said: “This incident shows high risk and serious harm, and partners in the United States and its states will enthusiastically seek and secure compensation for natural resource injuries caused by oil spills.”

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“We are pleased to join our co-contractor to restore important habitats, dolphins, birds and recreation areas injured by this oil spill,” said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Nicole Rubuff, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said. “Communities and economies rely on resilient coastal ecosystems and we look forward to working with the general public on projects to restore them.”

“The Texas City Y oil spill has affected the coastline and wetland habitat of Matagorda, which is part of the Aranthus National Wildlife Sanctuary,” said Amy Liu, director of the Southwestern region of the service. I am saying. “This reconciliation not only provides recovery for these injured resources, but also helps to restore stag beetles and other birds, and their habitats affected by oil and purification activities.”

Under the proposed consent decree, Kirby will pay $ 15.3 million in damages to natural resources for the spill. This is a joint federal and state council for dolphins and other aquatic life, birds, beaches along the Texas coast, swamps, and recreational applications.

Kirby has also paid federal and state trustees for valuation work and will reimburse the last remaining unpaid costs, as required by the Oil Pollution Act.

Read the complaint

Read the Consent Decree

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Texas-based barge company pays $ 15.3 million for 2014 oil spill damage on Houston Ship Channel – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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