Texas AG Drives Withdrawal of Houston Virus Relief Fund – NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has called on Trump Cabinet officials to revoke the federal virus bailout funds that Houston used to expand people’s voting options, according to a document released Tuesday.

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on May 21, Paxton abuses Harris County officials, including Houston, to abuse federal funds up to $ 12 million, violate state law, and expand the use of mail voting. He accused him of making a plan. Presidential election.

“In light of the county’s stated intention to use federal funds in violation of state law, we scrutinized the granting of CARES law funds to Harris County and, wherever possible, the amount of money that was improperly spent on efforts. We urge the department to seek a return in honor of the department, promoting illegal mail voting, “Paxton wrote. “Without proper protection against the illegal abuse of mail voting, the department may be in a position to unknowingly encourage fraudulent elections.”

Washington-based Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics is up to date with the Republican Attorney General’s efforts to maintain strict Texas rules that require most voters to vote directly, even during a pandemic. I got an example letter and published it. ..

Isabel Longoria, Harris County Election Director, said the use of funds helped protect electoral workers and voters from the coronavirus. Some voted using the drive-through option, others stood in socially distant lines, and others had polling stations open 24 hours a day.

“As intended, voters had more options to vote without compromising their health,” Longoria said in a statement. “As a result of our investment in public security, turnout has become record-breaking. We are proud to show Ken Paxton what it looks like to invest in public security, not a political letter. think.”

Paxton’s office and the Treasury did not respond to requests for comment.

Texas is one of five states that did not expand the use of mail voting in the November elections. State and federal courts have blocked officials in Houston and other Democratic cities in Texas from offering mailed voting applications to those who fear the COVID-19 contract if they vote directly.

Paxton and other Republican officials reiterated President Donald Trump’s groundless allegations that widespread fraud changed the outcome of the presidential election, with Democrat Joe Biden winning by a considerable margin. Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court dismissed a proceeding led by Paxton to invalidate the votes of electoral colleges from several states that voted for Biden, who would have given Trump an election.

Some speculate that Paxton is seeking a preemptive amnesty during the Trump administration’s decline.

Paxton has been investigated by the FBI after eight senior officials in his office have accused him of bribery, office abuse and other crimes. Paxton widely denies cheating.

Texas Supreme Law Enforcement Officer has also served most of his five years under state felony charges for securities fraud. Paxton pleaded not guilty if he had been stagnant for years due to legal opposition.

Texas AG Drives Withdrawal of Houston Virus Relief Fund – NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth

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