Texas abortion provider urges Supreme Court to act promptly

Austin, Texas (AP) — Texas abortion donors again adopt new state law in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday banning most abortions since the beginning of September, when a deeply divided judge allowed them to come into effect. I requested that you do.

Since then, Texas abortion providers say their worst fears have come to fruition. They describe a woman who travels hundreds of miles to have an abortion while an out-of-state clinic is delinquent and her clinic is rapidly facing the possibility of closure.

This time, the abortion provider has allowed the law known as Senate Bill 8 to be maintained in a 5-4 decision, rather than waiting for the proceedings in progress at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Seeking action. According to the abortion provider, the conservative Court of Appeals is not ready to act by December.

“During that time, the Texas people are at stake,” the Reproductive Rights Center told the Supreme Court. “As a result, Texas with the means must travel hundreds of miles one way to other states during the pandemic just to exercise their well-established federal rights.”

The Supreme Court most often waits for the lower courts to act before acting. In enforcing Texas law so far, the judge had previously failed to determine the constitutionality of Senate Bill 8 and refused to block it while the court was protesting.

Texas law is the country’s largest deterrent to abortion rights since the court announced in a groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that women have constitutional rights to abortion. Abortion is banned once medical professionals can detect heart activity. This is usually about 6 weeks, before some women find out that they are pregnant.

Enforcement is left to civilians who can file proceedings against abortion providers, and other citizens who help women obtain abortions in Texas. Two people who publicly said last weekend that a San Antonio doctor first publicly violated the law and hoped that a judge would instead be on the side of the clinic to block the bill, rather than an anti-abortion activist. Was immediately sued by a former lawyer.

The Justice Department has also filed its own proceedings in Texas, which will be heard by a federal judge in Austin on October 1.

A new request by a Texas abortion provider will come a few days after the Supreme Court said it would hear a debate in December in Mississippi’s groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision overturning women’s right to abortion. ..

Texas abortion provider urges Supreme Court to act promptly

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