Texas Abortion Law Holds Rapid High Court Hearing on Monday

The Supreme Court on November 1 will hear oral arguments that challenge the constitutionality of the new Texas abortion law — a few days after agreeing to hear the case. This is just one of many unusual things about Texas law that prevented almost all abortions in the second most populous state in the United States.

The court will hear another major abortion case this fall. The judge previously set December 1 as the day for discussion of cases directly challenged by Mississippi. Roe v. Wade Other decisions that guarantee the constitutional right to abortion before the foetation survives.

The High Court does not need to consider the constitutional rights of abortion in Texas proceedings. This is actually a combination of two separate proceedings. Instead, the court asked lawyers to consider the unique enforcement mechanism of Texas law. Law SB8, designed to avoid legal complaints, can sue someone who has had an abortion, not a Texas official, or “helps and beats” someone in obtaining an abortion. We entrust the compulsion to civilians who can. The law came into effect on September 1, after the Supreme Court rejected the previous request to revoke it. It bans abortion after 6 weeks, well before the generally accepted standard of survival for 22 to 24 weeks.

Amy Howe of the SCOTUS blog analyzes the matter in front of the court and explains what the court could do about Texas abortion law in this conversation about KHN’s “What the Health?”. It aired on Thursday. She states that this is the earliest turnaround for judges to hear. Bush v. Gore case Decision in the 2000 presidential election.

“Everything about this is very rare,” she said.

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Texas Abortion Law Holds Rapid High Court Hearing on Monday

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