Texans can cross the border to access abortion care

AUSTIN, Texas – With the annulment of Roe v. Wade, Texas and a dozen other states have enacted enabling laws that automatically ban all abortions with almost no exceptions to save the mother’s life. An Austin immigration attorney says more Texans could visit Mexico to seek abortion care.

“Abortion has been decriminalized nationwide in Mexico. What this means is that if a Texas woman wants to go to Mexico to have an abortion, she can do it legally, “said Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, an immigration lawyer in Austin.” There are abortion pills that cost $ 35 in Mexico that can helping a woman on board an unwanted pregnancy up to 10 weeks after her pregnancy “.

With illegal abortion in Texas, women will have to travel across state borders, including the Texas-Mexico border, to access medical care.

From now on, leaving the country or state to have an abortion is still legal, a decision Kate would have to make if she became pregnant a third time.

“I have two babies. They were both born early because I had preeclampsia in both pregnancies. It would put my life in danger if I got pregnant again,” Lincoln-Goldfinch said.

Kate says she can afford to leave the country, but some women who want to cross the border will not have the financial means to do so.

“Of course, there are women who do not have the resources to travel between states or countries, but there are also immigrant women who do not have the legal capacity to leave and re-enter the country, so this is once again. it’s going to hurt the most vulnerable of us, ”Lincoln-Goldfinch said.

Kate also has a podcast called “Law Moms Out Loud.” Its latest episode is a conversation about the abortion decision that overturned Roe v. Wade with three mother lawyers.

She says it’s important to hold these conversations and talk to her two children about it.

“It’s very hard for me to think that my daughter has fewer rights than I did when she was growing up. One is old enough to understand that the other is not, so we’re talking about women’s rights being taken away, ”Lincoln-Goldfinch said.

A photo of Kate and her daughter on the steps of the Capitol. (Spectrum News 1)

Kate says that although Roe v. Wade is annulled, will continue to climb the capitol stairs by his daughter and other women throughout Texas.

If you are a Texas woman who leaves the state or country to have an abortion, we would love to share your story. You can contact the Monica by email.

Texans can cross the border to access abortion care

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