Temple soup throwing in the face of more serious sin

A woman who throws soup on the face of a temple restaurant worker can face more serious sins.

Temple police are investigating the case of a woman who threw soup as a “higher level crime” in front of restaurant employees, a spokesman for the agency told Friday’s 6 news.

Alejandra Arreguin said the Class C complaint forwarded to the city court was dismissed.

The new charges are “based on the results of the investigation,” Allegin said. “We are only investigating higher rates.”

Video that has spread rapidly around the world shows a woman throwing a large amount of soup on Janel Broland’s face while standing behind a counter. It happened on November 7th at Solde Harrisco, Dr. South General Bruce of Temple. A woman who has not yet been identified by police will leave the restaurant immediately.

The video, first published by 6 News on Wednesday on its YouTube page, has been viewed more than 230,000 times.

According to Broland, the woman first called and complained that the soup was so hot that the plastic lid had melted. The woman came to the restaurant after a while, and Broland said she demanded to talk to the manager before throwing the soup. Broland said she was one of the restaurant managers.

Support for Blowland and restaurants has been booming since it happened. Thousands of people have positively commented on social media and restaurants have seen an increase in business.

Temple soup throwing in the face of more serious sin

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