Teenager machineguns family home in Stockholm suburb as gun crime spirals among drug gangs

This is the terrifying moment a teenager armed with an AK-47 fired 15 bullets into the home of a terrified mother and her young child in a Stockholm suburb.

In exclusive footage obtained by MailOnline, bullets are sprayed into the front door with empty cartridge cases bouncing down the stairwell, before the camera focuses on the front door riddled with holes.

A frightened mother, who lives in the block, told MailOnline: ‘It was crazy. It wasn’t a small gun. It was a Kalashnikov.

‘It is terrible that attacks like this are normalised.’ 

The flat is the home of the ex-girlfriend of a well-known rapper, but she is no longer with him. The attack appears to have been a scare tactic.

A teenager is pictured armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, spraying bullets into the house of the ex-girlfriend of a well-known rapper as a scare tactic.

A teenager is pictured armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, spraying bullets into the house of the ex-girlfriend of a well-known rapper as a scare tactic.

Gunshots pictured following the attack, apparently designed to scare the ex-girlfriend of a rapper

Sweden has seen at least 15 incidents of homes being sprayed with bullets and a similar number of bombings in the last six weeks as drug gangs, mainly from immigrant communities, battle for control of the streets.

An hour after the apartment shooting, police managed to prevent a potential murder in nearby Hammarbyhöjden.

Officers carrying out surveillance on an address linked to a man in the Dalen network are said to have begun chasing a suspicious car.

The pursuit ended with the car crashing and two boys aged 13 and 14 being arrested after automatic weapons and masks were found inside.

A man who ran from the car was also arrested and is in custody on suspicion of aggravated weapons offences and of preparing for murder.

Later that night a man was shot dead in the street beside a car park at the Huvudsta Centrum shopping centre, just outside the Kebabkhan Kurdistan restaurant.

Swedish Kickboxer Flamur Beqiri (pictured) was gunned down in Battersea, London, in 2019

The country’s organised crime problem even reached London four years ago when a hitman murdered Flamur Beqiri on the doorstep of his home in front of his wife and toddler.

In the latest atrocity to hit the country once known for its peaceful tolerance, a 15-year-old migrant was ‘executed’ with a shot to the head as he sat in a sushi restaurant in a shopping centre south of Stockholm.

Ali Shafaei, who escaped Taliban persecution and fled Afghanistan in 2019, became the fourth person to be murdered by a gun since Christmas around the Swedish capital.

Swedish police have not commented on the motive for the murder of Ali, and it has not been confirmed by anyone that he was involved in a gang.

But at least one of his friends told local media that he had concerns about some people ‘who he was hanging out with’.

It is believed that Ali was lured to his death by another teenager who told him to go to the sushi restaurant in Skogäs, nine miles south of Stockholm.

Witnesses believe they heard two shots as Ali, who previously lived in Afghanistan’s war-torn Maidan Wardak province, was killed at a table just after 6pm on Saturday, January 28.

A woman who arrived seconds later to collect a takeaway tried to give him CPR, but he died at the scene, just 200 yards from the Östra Grundsolan school where he was a pupil.

Photos on a shrine show 15-year-old Ali Shafaei who fled persecution and moved to Sweden only to be killed in an attack by gangsters in Stockholm at the end of January this year

Tributes to Ali Shafaei, executed in public at the end of January this year by a criminal gang

An array of floral tributes and scores of candles have been left outside the restaurant in a memorial to the teenager who was one of 163,000 asylum seekers granted sanctuary in Sweden since 2015.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of his murder while a 17-year-old has been held for allegedly aiding and abetting the murder by enticing Ali to the restaurant. 

A 16-year-old is in custody on suspicion of protecting the shooter.

One of Ali’s friend’s told MailOnline: ‘He was a good person and really friendly. He took care of his friends and everybody liked him.

I don’t know if he was involved in anything. All I know is that he was my friend. 

‘I don’t know if he was involved with anything. All I know is that he was my friend. 

‘I met him in 2019 when he came from Afghanistan with his family for a better life.

‘He never had a problem with teachers. If I heard him talking with teachers, it was almost never a bad thing. I had only seen him at the shopping centre, the day before he was killed.’

Ali’s family moved from their home in a crime-ridden suburb of Skogäs to a new first floor apartment around 20 miles away in Rönninge several weeks before he was gunned down.

His brother Rahmat, 21, described his death as a ‘martyrdom’ in a Facebook post announcing his funeral this Thursday at the Strandkyrkogården Muslim Cemetery near Hanviken.

Speaking from his new home, he told MailOnline how his mother was ill with grief.

He thanked well-wishers for their support, but added: ‘We are not ready to talk yet.’

Ali fled the Taliban and had only recently moved to Skogäs before he was gunned down

The Faros Greek restaurant in central Stockholm which was badly damaged in an explosion in the early hours of January 17 2023 as violence between gangs came to a head in Sweden

Medhi Sachit (pictured) was shot dead on Christmas Day in Stockholm

Mother-of-two Monika Iham, 69, who was walking past his memorial told MailOnline: ‘His death was simply an execution.

‘It is terrible that a 15-year-old boy has died like this – but I am not surprised. Crime is everywhere. I am an old woman and I hate seeing my country destroyed.

‘I blame the Government for not helping ordinary people. They have closed down youth clubs and community centres. There is nothing for young people to do.’

Chilean-born nurse Eva Morales, 57, who was in the shopping centre with her two-year-old grandson Leo, said: ‘I have been here 45 years and things are getting worse.

‘The Government needs to get tougher. They talk about throwing out gang members, but it doesn’t happen.’

Local media reports that many recent attacks are linked by police to a desperate turf war between two gang leaders, nicknamed ‘The Kurdish Fox’ and ‘The Greek’.

Gangs increasingly hire young teenagers to carry out acts of violence as they cannot be prosecuted due to the criminal age of responsibility being 15 in Sweden, compared to ten in the UK.

Teenagers aged 15 to 17 also only get maximum sentences of four years ‘closed juvenile care’, even for serious offences including murder, under the country’s liberal-minded laws.

The majority of weapons used are said to be left over from the war in the former Yugoslavia, and smuggled to Sweden in parts before being reassembled.

Sweden which has a population of just 10.4 million is now on course to beat last year’s record of 61 gun murders, up from a previous high of 47 in 2020.

The grisly statistic means that Sweden, alongside Croatia, now has more fatal shootings per head of population than anywhere else in Europe.

The number is six times higher than the combined figure for Denmark, Finland and Norway, although the overall murder rate is less than Belgium, France, Finland and the Baltic states, according to EU figures.

It compares to just 35 gun homicides in the year 2020/2021 in the UK which has a population of 67 million, more than six times higher than Sweden.

The recent spate of shootings started on Christmas Day when Mehdi ‘Dumle’ Sachit, 27, was shot dead in the notorious suburb of Rinkeby, north west of Stockholm.

Sachit was a formal suspect in the investigation into the murder of Swedish rapper Nils ‘Einár’ Grönberg, 19, who was shot dead in October, 2021.

He had numerous convictions including for a gang rape and was a leading member of the Rinkeby gang ‘Death Patrol’, known for its rivalry with the ‘Shottaz’ gang which has resulted in a dozen murders since 2015.

The feud which has caused most mayhem is said to stem from a battle over the supply of drugs in the industrial city of Sundsvall on the Norrland coast, 200 miles north of the capital.

Einar was kidnapped and beaten up by gangsters in 2020, lured into a flat in Stockholm by another rapper. He was shot and killed in October 2021

A man places a candle and flower tribute near the site where Swedish rapper Einar was shot

Mikael Tenezos, ‘The Greek’ (L), and Rawa Majid, ‘The Kurdish Fox’ (R), are reportedly high-profile drug pushing gangsters at war with each other in Sweden 

Sources suggest that drugs in the area were supplied for many years by the Valley Network, known as ‘Dalen’, now allegedly led by Mikael Tenezos, 24, a former junior ice hockey player known as ‘The Greek’.

Tenezos, who apparently rose through the ranks to become leader, is said to be at war with gangster Rawa Majid, 36, who is called ‘The Kurdish Fox’ or ‘Kurdiska Räven’, and is suspected of being one of Sweden’s biggest drug dealers.

Majid’s attempts to muscle in on the Sundsvall drug trade are said to have put him in conflict with Tenezos, with the pair ordering attacks on associates or friends of each other in the Stockholm area.

Stockholm Police spokesperson Helena Bostrom-Thomas said there were ‘many reasons’ for the record number of fatal shootings and insisted police were treating them ‘very seriously’.

She told MailOnline: ‘Investigative work carried out so far, together with gathered intelligence, shows that the drug trade is one of the underlying factors.

‘Criminal gangs are competing to gain access to the drug buyers. 

‘We do also see aspects of revenge, where one shooting can lead to another.

‘Most of the events since Christmas Day, if not all, are linked to gang violence, although there is always a risk present to third party when shootings are carried out in public places or when there are detonations.’

Kim Malmgren, a crime reporter for the Expressen newspaper, said criminal networks had become keener on hiring younger teenagers.

He blamed a recent change in the law making violent criminals aged between 18 and 21 subject to the same full prison sentences as older adults, while under-18s still get comparatively lenient sentences.

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