Ted Sarandos: “I’m messed up” in a chapel memo

When Netflix co-CEO Ted Salands wrote a note to his workers who defended Dave Chappelle’s special’closer’and denied the claim that the show was transphobia, he “screwed in.” I insisted.

But Salands claimed he was still in favor of the show itself and told The Hollywood Reporter:’No, my stance hasn’t changed. I can say that I messed up these communications in two ways. One of them said I should have first admitted in those emails that a group of employees were suffering and that they were really hurt by the business decisions we made. It was that.

“And instead of admitting it in the first place, I went directly into some rationale. And first of all, I think those emails lacked humanity. I like it. So I generally communicate with our team. “

Netflix co-CEO admits in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he “screwed” in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter after sending a note to streaming service staff claiming that Dave Chappelle’s special The Closer content wouldn’t translate directly into real harm.

The CEO went on: Another thing is that this is a problem if an out-of-context email is leaked, it’s part of an already ongoing conversation, and the line of harm to the real world has been around for a long time. It was over. Let’s simplify and talk about the very specific things we were talking about earlier in the day …

“So what was exposed was a very clumsy internal communication.”

Salands addressed the controversy in the wake of the show’s premiere, angering some Netflix staff and Protrans viewers, claiming that Chapel’s comments “do not translate directly into real-world harm.”

In a special, Chapel said he agreed with Transphobia brand JK Rowling.

He added: “Gender is a fact” and said: “I’m Team TERF.” TERF stands for transgender radical feminist and is perfect for all demands for equality. Used by some trance activists to represent women who have not participated in.

Salands interviewed Variety on Tuesday and he made very similar remarks.

Salands said on the eve of a planned strike by transgender Netflix staff and their supporters scheduled for October 20th. It is unclear if the strike will proceed as planned.

Dave Chappelle's Special The Closer has sparked controversy from the LGBTQ + community and its allies about his

Dave Chappelle’s Special The Closer has sparked controversy from the LGBTQ + community and its allies about his “transphobia” comments made during the special.

He also said that email messages are “out of context” and are part of an ongoing conversation about the potential impact of on-screen content.

“I 100% believe that on-screen content can have positive and negative impacts on the real world,” he added.

Transgender employees and streaming service allies planned a strike on October 20 in response to notes and controversial specials.

Transgender employees and streaming service allies planned a strike on October 20 in response to notes and controversial specials.

“When we think about this challenge, we have to entertain the world, part of that challenge is that you have an audience with different tastes, different sensibilities, different beliefs. Means.

“You can’t really please everyone, or the content will be pretty dull. Also, tell your employees in advance that you’re trying to entertain members and that you don’t like some of Netflix’s content. Therefore, this kind of artistic expression and the approach to free artistic expression are sometimes inconsistent. People feel protected and safe.

“When these two values ​​collide with each other, I think it’s something we’re always struggling with.”

Salands was also asked how to respond to the artistic demands of protesters on a trans strike.

“In the future, I want you to understand that we are working deeply with creators working at Netflix to support artistic freedom.

“We are deeply committed to increasing the representation on the screen and behind the camera. When these challenges arise, we are constantly learning and improving how to deal with them.”

Former Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings was fired after leaking that the company had paid a special fee of $ 24.1 million.

Former Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings was fired after leaking that the company had paid a special fee of $ 24.1 million.

In Chappelle’s special, three Netflix workers, including Terra Field, were temporarily suspended after attending a virtual executive meeting without permission.

They were later resurrected.

An unnamed worker was also fired for leaking that Chapel had been paid $ 24.1 million for a special.

Hannah Gadsby calls on Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos for defending Dave Chappelle

Australian Lesbian Comedian Drags Salands on Instagram:

“Hey Ted Sarandos! A little note to let you know that I like if you didn’t drag my name into your mess.

Now I deal with even more of the hatred and anger that Dave Chappelle fans prefer to unleash on me every time they get $ 20 million to handle his emotionally stunted partial worldview. Must be.

Ted, you didn’t pay me enough to deal with the real-world consequences of hate speech dog whistling that you refuse to admit.

F ** k You and your moral algorithm cult …

I have more spine than you. that’s a joke!

I definitely didn’t cross the line because you said there was no line in the world. ”

Chapel supported author JK Rowling on her comments on gender, stating that “gender is a fact” and “I’m Team TERF.” TERF is an abbreviation for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

The term is commonly used by transgender people and their allies to attack others who disagree with some of the transgender people’s calls for equality.

Flashpoint allows trans women to compete with non-trans women in some sports due to the recognition of trans women’s prisons and shelters for domestic violence and their biological benefits. Includes whether to allow.

Salands was also angry with the Chapel Special and added to the activists who demanded that Netflix produce more trance-related content.

He said the streaming giant was working hard to ensure that the stranded community wasn’t defined by a single story. The key to this is to increase the diversity of the content team itself.

He addressed these concerns in the memo mentioned above.

“We know that many people are left angry, disappointed, and hurt by our decision to put Dave Chappelle’s latest specials on Netflix,” Salands gained from variety. Written in an email that caused the criticism.

In The Closer, we understand that concerns aren’t offensive content, but about titles that can increase harm in the real world, such as further marginalization, hatred, and violence of already marginalized groups. increase.

“Last year, I heard similar concerns about violence against women 365 days a year. Some employees disagree, but have a strong belief that on-screen content does not directly lead to real harm. “I will,” he continued.

The movie “365 days” referred to by Salands is about an Italian mafia boss who kidnaps a crazy woman and demands that she spend the next year in a villa.

The film was accused of survivors of sexual assault, and singer Duffy wrote in an open letter to CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings, “Attracting the brutal reality of sexual trafficking, kidnapping and rape. I have. “

Salandus’s memo continued. “The strongest evidence to support this is that violent crime has dropped significantly in many countries, despite the significant increase in on-screen violence over the last three decades, especially in first-party shooters.

“Adults can see violence, assault, abuse, or enjoy a shocking stand-up comedy, which doesn’t hurt others,” he said.

This memo was strongly criticized by the LGBTQ + watchdog group GLAAD, which advocates a realistic and authentic portrayal of the community.

“Genuine media stories about LGBTQ life are said to be directly responsible for increasing public support for issues such as marriage equality,” they told Variety.

“But movies and television have been filled with stereotypes and misinformation about us for decades, and ironically, especially for transgender and LGBTQ colored races. In particular, the Netflix documentary “Disclosure” shows this very clearly.

Ted Sarandos: “I’m messed up” in a chapel memo

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