Ted Cruz’s campaign may have spent $ 150,000 on a copy of his book | Book

The Ted Cruz campaign spent more than $ 150,000 on the US bookchain Books-A-Million in the months following the publication of Senator Texas’ book, Forbes reported.

Prominent among Republicans trying to block Joe Biden’s election recognition, Cruz announced in September “How One Supreme Court Seat Can Change History.” Financial information submitted by Forbes on Monday shows that he received about $ 320,000 in advance for 2020 from book publisher Regnery Publishing.

“With just a majority of the Supreme Court, the Left will have the power to reduce or abolish the freedom that made our country a sign to the world. We lose the republic that the founder told us. That’s one vote away. Our most valuable constitutional right rests on the thread, “says the title Legnery. “One vote tells you how often a High Court decision that affects your life was made with just one vote.”

A year-end report from the Cruz Commission submitted to the Federal Election Commission reveals that his campaign spent $ 40,000 on Books-A-Million two weeks after the announcement of the One Vote Away. increase. Shortly thereafter, he spent another $ 1,500 and in December another $ 111,900. “FEC has been issued for a long time. A series of campaign funds that allow members to purchase copies of their books from publishers at a discounted price,” said Brett Kappel, a lawyer specializing in election funding. Advice, however, the royalties normally received for these sales are given to charitable organizations. “

Forbes previously reported what three other senators did from the book deal in 2020: Elizabeth Warren earned $ 278,000, Tom Cotton earned $ 202,000, and Tammy Duckworth earned $ 382,000. All three used election funds to buy books, but Forbes said they all bought less than $ 20,000.

A spokesperson for the Cruz campaign told the magazine that Senator “has not received a penny of royalties in connection with the sale of One Bot Away books,” but the campaign spent more than $ 150,000. Refused to reveal the book.

When Donald Trump Jr. published Triggered in 2019, it became the New York Times bestseller list, but newspaper charts show that “some retailers have reported high orders.” A dagger was included next to the book. The Republican National Committee rejected bulk orders at the time, and Trump Jr. was angry with the proposal that his sales had increased artificially and retweeted the claims of Republican strategist Andrew Slavian. BookScan data show that he sold more books than the # 2 and # 3 books combined. The media / Democrats want to pretend to be something else, but he was number one in his ability. “

Ted Cruz’s campaign may have spent $ 150,000 on a copy of his book | Book

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