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Tech Mahindra announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Avarn Security, a leading security group in the Nordic region.

Tech Mahindra will be an end-to-end IT services partner for Avarn’s technology-driven operations and digital transformation.

Tech Mahindra will transform its current operating models in finance and accounting (F&A), human resource services (HRS) and information technology (IT) to support and deliver a comprehensive service overhaul technologies.


“The partnership will allow Avarn to deepen its focus on customer centricity and become a fully digital company. Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra will onboard nearly 100 new associates from Avarn, which will further significantly increase the presence of native Tech Mahindra resources in the Nordics and help establish a niche in the security industry,” says the press release.

Tech Mahindra will invest in the development and reskilling of the new workforce to continue its commitment to being ready for the future.

Speaking on the partnership, Mukul Dhyani, Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial for Continental Europe at Tech Mahindra, said, “IT is playing an increasing and critical role in the business transformation of Nordic companies. As a leading digital transformation provider, Tech Mahindra has deep expertise in helping organizations around the world transform their businesses to be more consumer-centric and digital.

“We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity it provides to support Avarn on its digital transformation journey and redefine security industry standards. We will bring together capabilities, ecosystems and skills that will shape new experiences for Avarn and its customers across the Nordics. We also welcome our new colleagues from Avarn to the Tech Mahindra family. This win underscores our commitment to the Nordic countries as we continue to invest in the region,” he added.

For Tech Mahindra, this partnership is part of its long-term commitment to continue to invest and strengthen its leadership in the Nordic region.
Commenting on the development, Vidar Berg, Chairman and CEO of Avarn Security Group, said, “Technology and innovation are key drivers in the continued transformation of our business. Tech Mahindra is a global, full-service provider focused on innovation and transformation. In addition to his deep domain expertise, he will bring an ecosystem of industry-leading experts and services that will help us unlock the potential of emerging technologies and drive business value. .”

Tech Mahindra and Avarn Security to Deliver Accelerated Digital Transformation – TechGraph

Source link Tech Mahindra and Avarn Security to Deliver Accelerated Digital Transformation – TechGraph

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