Tech companies are bright about the outlook for the next year

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Studies show that most of Scotland’s tech sector is optimistic about the year ahead.

An annual survey of the digital sector by technology sector group Scotland IS found that 75% of respondents were optimistic or very optimistic about the next 12 months. Almost three-quarters (74%) also forecast an increase in employee numbers.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, some sectors remain resilient in 2020, with 44% of the surveyed reports increasing sales and profits by 40%.

However, sales were down 40% and profits were down 32%.

International market involvement increased only slightly in 2020, with 60% saying they sold internationally, compared to 58% in the previous year. Another 23% plan to do so in the future.

Companies reported that the biggest business opportunities over the next 18 months are likely to be data analytics (51%), artificial intelligence and machine learning (47%), and the Internet of Things (27%).

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The most sought after skills were sales and marketing, followed by data, software and web development. On the technical side, cloud computing skills are especially needed, and 54% predict that they will be a requirement.

Karen Meechan, Interim CEO of Scotland IS, said: Still, it was a tough year, but growth within the sector is high and we can be optimistic. Collaboration is a true strength within the sector, supporting SMEs and building new relationships in all aspects of society. As a sector, we continue to grow through collaboration and expect strong growth over the next year. “

At the same time as publishing the survey, the Scottish IS released a manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections, showing three key areas that it considers to have significant growth potential. govtech; and space technology.

The Manifest is a lifelong link to a cluster management program dedicated to these growth areas, financing schemes tailored to climate technology, national digital strategies for education, and computing teachers to the “Industry Support Network.” Provides recommendations to support the sector, such as learning. Programs for employees to improve their skills, and partnerships between the National Investment Bank of Scotland and Scotland IS.

Commenting on the manifesto, Michan said: “Scotland IS sees climate technology, government technology, and space technology as three areas where Scotland offers great opportunities. Once we get out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we build better and reshape society. We have the opportunity to form, provide advanced skills and fulfilling jobs, and promote the efficiency and productivity of public services and established businesses. “

Tech companies are bright about the outlook for the next year

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