Team USA falls to Australia for second defeat in pre-Olympic match

USA Basketball has canceled its third consecutive match since NBA players began wearing red, white and blue in 1992.

Las Vegas — These games do not count. So far, that’s the only salvation blessing of USA Basketball.

And perhaps the NBA player, who will be on the national team for the first time in 29 years, heard boos at the end of the match.

Patty Mills scored 22 points, Australia held the United States without a final 4:34 field goal on the way to defeating Americans 91-83 on Monday night, 0 out of 5 Olympic gold medalists I dropped it to 2. -Game slate of the exhibition leading up to the Tokyo Olympics.

In Australia, Joe Ingles scored 17 points, Matisse Thybul 12 points and Chris Goulding 11 points.

Damian Lillard leads the United States with 22 points, Kevin Durant finishes with 17 points and Bradley Beal finishes with 12 points. However, the Americans wereted a 10-point lead in the second half and lost their third consecutive match since the NBA. The players began wearing red, white and blue in 1992.

Other examples: 2 consecutive wins at the 2002 FIBA ​​World Championship and 2 consecutive wins at the 2019 Basketball World Cup. The United States finished 6th in the first tournament and 7th in the other tournaments.And these are glorious scrims, but this is already certain — the medals seem far from US rock.

Jayson Tatum’s layup was 4:35 left and Americans were 82-80. Australia scrutinized the United States 11-1 on the rest of the road, and Mills, playing for US coach Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, suffered most of the Boomer generation’s damage at once.

According to the FanDuel Sportsbook, Americans made up the majority of the first half by scoring 16.5 points before the match. The 20-6 run, up to 5 points from Keldon Johnson, the call-up of the select team, raised the United States by 8 points in the second half of the opening round, and Lillard scored 3 points in the first half of 16 points 31.7 seconds before the break. I finished it. It gave Americans a 46-35 lead.

The half-time lead was 9. This is the same lead that the United States had before fleeing to Nigeria at the beginning of the third quarter.

And the same thing happened with this.

The US lead in the third quarter was as high as 10, 58-50 when Lillard scored 3 points in the middle of the period. However, Australia closed the quarter with a 19-6 run, with Golding hitting three pointers when the time was up and Australia leading 69-64 in the last 10 minutes.

Hint in

Australia: According to the USA Basketball Archive, Boomer is currently always 2-28 against Americans at the Senior Men’s National Tournament. Another Australian victory took place at the pre-World Cup exhibition in 2019.

America: Americans have changed their starting lineup, with Jerami Grant replacing Jayson Tatum and Draymond Green replacing Bam Adebayo. … the United States outbound at 32-25.


Kevin Love, who played in just three minutes after losing to Nigeria on Saturday, was the only Olympic team that didn’t play in the US match. The Americans used 10 players. In addition to the other eight Olympic athletes in Las Vegas, the select team promotes Johnson and Darius Garland. The trio of Khris Middleton, Jul Holiday and Devin Booker to the Olympics will remain in the NBA Finals.

Baines Heart

Australian center Aron Baynes entered the match at 3:49 after the clash with Beer. Baines was defending while Beer was driving him, and Baines grabbed his right knee following contact. He went to the changing room and returned to Boomer’s bench in the second half of the first half, but did not.


Australia: Play against Nigeria in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

USA: Play against Argentina in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Team USA falls to Australia for second defeat in pre-Olympic match

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