Taylor Swift officially cancels lover fest late due to pandemic

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The “Willow” singer has decided to abolish her festival-style show, originally scheduled for 2020, but put on hold in the endless Covid-19 pandemic.

Taylor Swift Officially canceled her lover fest show.

Pop stars unveiled summer festival-style gigs for 2020 shortly after her “Lover” album was released in 2019, stalling them when last year’s COVID-19 pandemic closed the venue. It was.

She wanted to change the schedule of the concert, but on Friday (26Feb21) the singer decided she could no longer commit to the show.

“I love coming here to tell the good news and share new projects with you,” she wrote on her social media account. “It’s not my favorite in the world that I have to tell you the sad news.”

“Sorry, we can’t change the dates of the postponed performances. Refunds have been possible since we first postponed the LoverFest performance, but many were crazy about tickets and I thought I could. Please change the schedule. ”

“This is an unprecedented pandemic and has changed everyone’s plans. No one knows what the tour landscape will look like in the near future. I’m very sorry and soon to you I can’t meet in person. I miss you, and I can’t wait until we all can safely join the show again. ”

Fans may not be able to see Swift live right away, but she’s busy with new and reworked music-she will release two albums in 2020, “Folklore” and “Evermore.” “Fearless”, which has been released and is currently recreating the 2008 record track, will be re-released in April (21).

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