Taylor Swift calms fans to her “missing” cat in a hilarious video


The “Love Story” singer-songwriter decided to post an interesting Instagram video to assure fans that the cat Meredith wasn’t missing and was doing well. Cats simply claim to hate cameras.

Taylor Swift Enjoys fan concerns about her pet cat Meredith Gray. After not posting a picture of Kitty for quite some time, the singer, who received many inquiries about her cat buddies, “we will never come back with you,” said Meredith “missed” in a cheerful way. I decided to guarantee that it wasn’t.

On Friday, April 16th, a 31-year-old singer tackled this issue through a video posted on Instagram. “I’ve heard some rumors on the internet lately,” she started clipping with one of her pets, Benjamin Button in her arms. “That is, they are not about your Benji, but about your sister.”

The video then showed some comments received from worried fans. In the comments, “I’m worried about Meredith I haven’t seen in a while”, “Taylor IIS MEREDITH is okay”, “@ taylorswift13 Hey, you’re active and we all want to know if Meredith is okay” . ”

Swift’s “Miss Americana“Documentary. The video continued to explain,” The truth is, Meredith hates being photographed, “before Meredith was offered a photo bombing that looked very frustrating.” ..

“Oh yeah, yeah, there’s an explanation,” Swift concludes near the end of the video. “She’s a really private little cat. She likes to protect her business herself. She doesn’t like pushing the camera into her face and who can blame her. So Meredith I have your latest information about. ”

At the end of the video, Meredith was seen running away from Taylor as he tried to ask the cat to deal with the rumors. “Are there any comments on your recent allegations that you are a missing cat?” She joked.

In addition to the funny video, the singer of “I Knew You Were Trouble” also provided a tickling caption. “Well, you really went out and left my greatest expectations for this week’s Shuraba,” she wrote.

“Fearless (my version) has become the biggest country album in the first week of the last six years and the top release in 2021. Honestly ??? How ?? Was this lucky? ??? I I wanted to say thank you so I’m going to tackle a very pressing issue today, “she hinted.

Taylor Swift calms fans to her “missing” cat in a hilarious video

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