Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley tweeted about the primary

He tweeted that he hoped the race would change for the better for his successor.

TARRANT COUNTY, Texas – After years of serving as governor of Tarrant County, which oversees one of the state’s largest local government budgets, Glen Whitley talks about the reactions he tweeted on Tuesday, March 2, after the primary race.

In the Republican Party, the esteemed leader received an unexpected blow. However, Whitley believed that there was unnecessary rudeness during the initial election campaign.

“I was disappointed with the campaign,” Whitley said.

He tweeted and explained why he thought it caused a storm of comments.

For his successor, he tweeted in white that he hoped the race would move from confusion to serious issues in the county.

“I’m always disappointed with the campaigns that the candidate spends more time attacking the candidate than they talk about what they’re doing,” Whitley said.

The soon-to-be-retired politician cites his political party’s candidates, Betsy Price and primary winner Tim O’Hare. Both candidates asked him for support.

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“Tim came and met me early last year and asked me if I would run again. I told him no. He said he wanted to run and asked me for support,” Whitley said.

Whitley said no and eventually attacked himself in Twitter comments. Not only are there obviously tweet responses from Democratic voters, but even Republican voters to criticize Whitley.

“My husband always tells me never to read comments,” Whitley said.

The judge decided to read the answers and comments only a few hours after writing the post. He does not accept comments from the heart and acknowledges that everyone has the right to express their opinion.

A Twitter user told the judge, “You acted mildly, we are Conservatives!”

Another statement said: “Take possession of his loss, your own loss.”

Another person replied: “It’s time for a change in the Tarrant circle and the sounds show it.”

“I would expect comments from people who are in favor or against one of the candidates,” Whitley said. “Again, I accept all comments with a grain of salt.”

Whitley’s successors are urging them to put politics aside.

Although he decides not to be re-elected, Whitley plans to make the most of his time as Tarrant County judge in the next few months. He plans to stay in office until December 31, 2022.

Tarrant County is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country, and Texas has one of the largest increases in the number of registered voters in the United States.

“Do it to unite everyone,” Whitley said.

He believes that his successor should be ready to serve all the residents of Tarrant County.

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley tweeted about the primary

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