Tarrant County extends Maskman date until February 28, 2021

Despite more than 60 public comments recorded as dissenting, the Tarrant County Commissioner Court voted 4-0 on Tuesday and renewed the local disaster order until February 28, 2021.

Judge Glenn Whitley County (R) also extended an order requiring companies to issue a “health and safety policy” requiring them to wear masks on the premises until February 28, 2021.

Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks (D-Pct. 1) was not present at the meeting.

Only one public comment was submitted in support of continued mandates.

Whitley says he has been working with cities, hospital CEOs, and other public health authorities to obtain information for decision-making since the coronavirus situation began. He claims to have received more support for mandates than for comments on mandates.

“My priority is … to keep hospitals and businesses open,” Whitley said, saying that if things “turn around”, obligations could be lifted.

Whitley’s “Health and Safety Policy” order came into force in June and was not abolished even if the number of cases decreased significantly in September.

“I try to stay in my lane and not be drawn into the what-if category,” Whitley commented, adding that he would only give orders and not force them.

Many of the opposition speakers made comments that questioned the constitutionality of the Mask Order.

They also questioned whether masks would work, given the ever-increasing number of cases despite orders for masks since the summer.

Gary Fix (R-Pct. 3) said, “I’m also skeptical about how good the mask is,” and if the number of cases remained low, convince Whitley to reconsider the order for the mask. Insisted that it would have been. Fickes recently traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for three days. He said the hospitality industry is taking more steps to keep cases low.

“Some may not believe or believe that it is our responsibility to protect the health and well-being of the inhabitants of this county, but in reality it is our responsibility,” said Devan Allen (D-Pct). .2) states.

After acknowledging many speakers who opposed the renewal of disaster preparedness, Allen “always carries out what he understands, based on the information at the time and the power given to this elected office. It is in the greatest interest of many who realize that some people have more results than others. “

Some speakers at the meeting commented that the commissioners felt they were not listening to their concerns and had already decided to extend their mask orders.

One person said, “Great Barrington DeclarationIs endorsed by many epidemiologists and public health scientists around the world, and “explains and recommends serious concerns about the adverse effects of the general COVID-19 policy on physical and mental health.” Masu[s] This is an approach called centralized protection. “

Texas I contacted several offices of the County Commission to ask about the feedback they received regarding the extension of Maskman Date. They admitted that they were receiving component comments.

Commissioner JD Johnson (R-Pct. 4) advised staff not to reveal whether his office received further comments in favor of or against Mask’s mission.Allen and Fix didn’t come back TexasCall.

Currently Tarrant County Report 778 beds in Tarrant County were occupied by COVID-19 patients, and there were 2,276 new positive cases so far this week.

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Tarrant County extends Maskman date until February 28, 2021

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