Target offers $ 5 coupons to vaccinated people in stores

Vaccinated adults COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Discount stores announced Tuesday that they would also receive a $ 5 coupon starting this week at CVS pharmacies in target stores nationwide.

Target offers vaccination shots at almost every of the more than 600 CVS pharmacies in the store. The company said additional incentives for the general public and their employees are part of their support for public vaccination efforts.

In March, a Minneapolis-based retailer said it had partnered with a CVS pharmacy to help vaccinate Americans during a pandemic that killed more than 578,000 Americans.

Last week, the Governor of West Virginia took a step towards an atypical offer to convince Americans hesitating to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. $ 100 Savings Bonds to Residents Roll up your sleeves under the age of 35.

In recent weeks and months, Americans have been offered a range of incentives to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Donuts and weeds Among the giveaways, large and small retailers are hanging from consumers.

This Week President Joe Biden Rural areas where immunization rates are lagging, with a new goal of fully vaccination of 160 million U.S. adults by July 4 and at least partial vaccination of 70% of adults And strengthen efforts to reach the community.

Biden admitted that it is difficult to get vaccinated against skeptical Americans.

“In the end, I think most people will be convinced of the fact that if vaccination fails, others can get sick and possibly die,” he said.

As of Tuesday, nearly 104 million adults, or nearly 41% of the adult population, have been fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Target offers $ 5 coupons to vaccinated people in stores

Source link Target offers $ 5 coupons to vaccinated people in stores

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