Tanya Snyder Appointed Co-CEO of Washington Football Team

June 29, 2021

The Washington Football Team nominated Tanya Snyder as co-chief executive officer of the franchise on Tuesday.

Snyder holds the title with her husband Dan Snyder. They are also co-owners of the franchise.

She joins Amy Trask (Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders) and Kim Pegra (Buffalo Bills) among the female CEOs in NFL history.

Amy Adams Strunk assumed the role of managing the owners of the Tennessee Titans in March 2015 and co-chairs the franchise’s board of directors.

“This team is a legacy of our family,” Tanya Snyder said in a statement. “We are at a crucial point in the team’s history as we strive to become the gold standard for the NFL franchise. The co-CEO title reflects our approach to that effort. It’s a natural process, but it’s important to formally recognize the diversity of opinions and perspectives that inform us of everything we do. In my new role, the core values ​​that are central to charity are It will penetrate the entire organization and bring you closer to achieving your goals. “

According to Forbes, Tanya Snyder has led the team’s philanthropy since the couple bought the team for $ 800 million in 1999. The franchise is currently worth $ 3.5 billion and has annual revenues of about $ 500 million.

She has led the Washington Football Charity Foundation since 2000 and founded the “Women of Washington” fan club in 2011. Breast cancer survivor Tanya Snyder also helped introduce the NFL’s “Think Pink” campaign in 1999.

“Tagna is one of the most important figures in the organization and has become more true in the last 18 months as her involvement has grown,” Dan Snyder said in a statement. “Publicly, many know from the incredible influential work in Tanya’s breast cancer awareness and the leadership of our charitable foundation. But behind the scenes, she’s the direction of the Washington Football Team. She was instrumental in our decision to evolve the brand and modernize the fan experience, including the entertainment team. “

– Field level media

Tanya Snyder Appointed Co-CEO of Washington Football Team

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