Taijuan Walker dominates by defeating the Cardinal

ST. Louis — Taijuan Walker allowed one hit in seven innings, and Mets scored three runs on the base load walk on Thursday to defeat St. Louis Cardinals 4-1.

Walker (2-1) hit 8 and walked nothing as Mets recovered the split after dropping the first two of the four-game series in St. Louis. Despite leaving 17 on-base percentages, Mets set a team record in a 9-inning match and won.

“It just gets Strike 1,” Walker said. “When I get Strike 1, I feel like I’m in control. I feel like I’ve done it well today and really thrilled the strike zone. Throw everything for a strike when needed. I feel like I was able to do it. Even when I was late, I was able to throw change-ups to get off the fastball and fly or fall to the ground. “

Walker hit the side in one go and got in shape. He retired the last 18 batters he faced after Paul DeJong reached the fielder’s choice and threw an error setting a second Cardinals solo run.

“He was in attack mode and was on pitch 1,” said Mets catcher James McCann about Walker. “Attack, attack, attack every time you need to consider things for the game, which is one of the big things he’s talking about.”

Trevor May hit a perfect two-eighth, and Edwin Diaz threw a pair of ninth hits to win a fourth save.

Mets scored two goals in the fifth inning without hits. When Pete Alonso made a mistake and the Mets led 2-1 the Cardinals pitchers John Gant and Kodi Whitley joined in to walk the next four batters.

Mets tackled two more runs on his eighth run, thanks to another full-base walk from right-handed Jake Woodford to Alonso and Dominic Smith’s RBI.

“You see the guys in front of you taking a tough pitch and taking their walk, and when you walk in the box you shrink your zone, a really good pitch I don’t want to swing in, you want the pitcher to come to you, and if he’s going to be scattered, he’s going to be scattered, “McCann said. “And we did a really good job of laying off some tough pitches and passing the baton to the next guy.”

Gantt struggled with his control in every match and needed 98 pitches to pass 4 and 3 innings. After St. Louis won six straight games, he lost two games in a row, so he took six steps and hit five.

“I felt comfortable, energetic and strong. I just threw too many uncompetitive pitches and some of those border calls were balls, but it didn’t work,” Gantt said. Told. “But instead of being here to make excuses, I had to put up with it and throw more strikes.”

Gantt (2-3) stranded eight base runners in the first four innings. This includes wiggles from the third base load jam.

Mets had at least one base runner in every inning, helped by a total of 11 walks.

“Today we had a really good overall approach,” said Mets manager Luis Rojas. “We may have won more runs, but it’s enough to win Walker’s performance.”

Inducted into the Hall of Fame, Tony La Russa has built a reputation as a master strategist while managing Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals in a total of three World Series Championships.

His second tenure at the Chicago White Sox is off to a bumpy start. And the 1-0 defeat decision in Cincinnati on Wednesday only raises more questions as to whether he is the right person for the job.

Larusa admitted that he didn’t know the rules that allowed José Abreu to be used as an autorunner on second base instead of approaching Liam Hendriks in the 10th inning.

“I will reread the situation,” he said. “I think you know the rules there. Now I know.”

Pandemic rules stipulate that the runner must be the batter before the lead-off hitter in the inning, with the exception of the pitcher.

Taijuan Walker dominates by defeating the Cardinal

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