SXSW Goes with Crazy Doodle

South by Southwest returns to Austin, Texas this year.



AUSTIN, Texas — The foam was on. Backlight.

This year’s South by Southwest return has been mostly silent. The only downside — wrapped in a block most days — was access to a fluorescent track-covered storage room to celebrate “Doodles,” an NFT collection. Inside was another long line in the shape of a doodle for cappuccino (a term that should be used relatively low).

Is it fun to laugh with NFT anymore? “I think NFTs are generally shy,” said Doodles founder Evan Keast, who wore a Doodles T-shirt as part of the Doodles exhibit while smelling Doodles noodles.

Mr. Keast has done oodles with Doodles. One representative said that about $ 300 million in NFT has been manually changed, and the creators have achieved a 2.5% reduction on each transaction. In South by Southwest, the company hosted a not-so-secret party led by DJ Diplo. To get the invitation, participants had to buy a doodle for about $ 25,000.

No, there is definitely no foam in this market.

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SXSW Goes with Crazy Doodle

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