Sweden sees “dark clouds” with the occurrence of COVID delta variants

File Photo: People are waiting to get a vaccine against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a nightclub turned into a mass vaccination center in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 16, 2021. Carl-OlofZimmerman / TT News Agency / Via REUTERS / File Photo

June 11, 2021

Stockholm (Reuters) – Swedish health officials warned on Friday that they were concerned about the local outbreak of the COVID delta variant and urged people to be vaccinated to avoid the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Sweden is an outlier in the fight against pandemics in its blockade ban policy, with cases and hospitalizations dropping sharply in the past month after a surge in infectious diseases in the spring.

Nearly half of the adult population has been vaccinated at least once, but health organizations have warned that people who receive only one vaccination have inadequate protection against delta mutants.

“There are some dark clouds on the horizon and I’m mainly thinking about the outbreak of delta variants, which can be seen not only in Europe but also in Sweden,” agency manager Johann Carlson said at a press conference.

The Delta variant, first identified in India, is believed by British epidemiologists to be 60% more infectious than the Alpha variant, which was previously predominant in the UK. This is partly due to the low effectiveness of the vaccine.

So far, only 71 variants have been identified in Sweden, but we are urging institutions to enhance contact tracing. Delta variants account for about 90% of new cases in the UK.

On Thursday, Sweden reported 831 new cases and 3 deaths. The total death toll of more than 14,500 is higher than in other Nordic countries, but lower than in most European countries that chose to block.

(Report by Johan Ahlander; edited by Nick Macfie)

Sweden sees “dark clouds” with the occurrence of COVID delta variants

Source link Sweden sees “dark clouds” with the occurrence of COVID delta variants

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