SUPPORT UKRAINE candle products

AUSTIN, Texas – A study conducted at a UK trauma stress clinic found that 90% of participants who survived an event in which others had died reported feeling guilty.

As a form of therapy for her and as a way to give back, an austinite created SUPPORT UKRAINE candle products to raise money for charities. Kateryna Vasylyshyn was born in Ukraine and emigrated to the United States as a child. She says her loved ones still in Ukraine live in constant fear. Vasylyshyn is doing everything she can to keep up with the latest news.

“And I just see all the horrible pictures,” Vasylyshyn said.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, Vasylyshyn fights her own emotional battle against the survivor’s guilt.

“I sobbed in tears every morning when I woke up. At night, when I lay down, I would only be in a state of depression,” Vasylyshyn said.

Neuropsychotherapist Bella Rockman says she has already had clients looking for resources and coping mechanisms due to the war.

“It’s a day-to-day process that you experience those phases of pain, it allows you to feel that and process it. And then, for a lot of people, they find it very convenient to channel that energy back into something meaningful,” Rockman said. .

Vasylyshyn has found a way to make an impact.

“They say we had to do something to help the people of my country,” he said.

Vasylyshyn works with ForeverWick Candles. He created SUPPORT UKRAINE candle products to raise money for charities.

“This will support people who are displaced who need your help just to see another day,” Vasylyshyn said.

SUPPORT UKRAINE candle products

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