Sun, sea and Slots – take a trip to paradise in these slot games

Sun, sea and Slots - take a trip to paradise in these slot games

Summer is here, and whilst heatwaves in the UK are welcome and allow us to whip out the barbeque, they don’t compare to the white sandy beaches and bright blue seas that you can find on a summer holiday abroad. However, if you’re not able to get away this summer or if you simply fancy a dose of paradise (who wouldn’t), then you could play some exotic, sun-kissed slot games that will transport you to a state of tropical bliss.

What’s more, with the juicy jackpots that they have up for grabs, if you’re lucky and are able to rule the reels, then you could walk away with prizes that could enable you to jet-set to your dream holiday destination in real life.

With the variety of games on offer at an online casino and the various casino promotions from Paddy Power, you could sample some of the latest games and deploy some of the benefits that the site has to offer, to get the most out of your gaming experience. If you’re packed and ready to fly away to a remote, idyllic location, then we’ve found some perfect slot escapes that are ready and waiting to whisk you away.

Paradise Treasures

Pack your case and get ready to feel golden sand between your toes, as you travel to Hawaii and take a relaxing trip to the island’s reels. Paradise Treasures slot game is set on an idyllic beach and framed by palm trees. All that’s left for you to do, is to dip your toes in the bright blue seas and place your initial bet to get started.

This game features symbols that will leave you reminiscing about your favourite holiday, or dreaming about your next one, including a sandcastle, some sunglasses and a guitar. It turns out that this vacation could become all-inclusive if you find three girls with flowers in their hair, on the reels. The wild symbol is easy to spot in this game, since it is the icon with ‘2x wild’ on it. This symbol will double any of the wins that you achieve when the wild appears to create a winning pay-line.

If you’re lucky enough to find five wilds on the reels then you will receive this holiday’s most exclusive upgrade, getting your hands on the game’s jackpot which can reach a scorching £10,000!

Paradise Reels

Sun-cream at the ready, for this slot game will make you want to kick back and relax, as its simple to play and set on a desert island. You’ll be escorted to a welcome escape from civilisation, enjoying the warm breeze and the game’s fabulous features.

This slot game has a traditional feel since the symbols hark back to the days of classic land-based slot machines. Your reels will be adorned with watermelons, cherries and number sevens, and though this slot has a simple fruit-machine feel, the potential jackpots won’t disappoint, as you could win up to 5000 times your initial bet.

This game’s exciting bonus feature can be unleashed if you manage to land three of the coconut symbols on the screen, which acts as the game’s scatter. This will transport you to a fun game of coconut shy, where you’ll have to hit the coconuts by clicking on them,in an attempt to reveal the cash prizes that are hidden within. If you find three coconuts with the same figure on them then you will win this amount!

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