Sun City’s Pet Partner Group is back

Austin, Texas — Researchers say the incidence of depression and anxiety has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. One group is ready to provide Central Texans with the very necessary stress relief.

Devwelsh and her certified therapy dog ​​Finley are part of Sun City’s pet partner group, an animal-assisted therapy team. The pandemic prevented the team from volunteering for some time, but is now backing the Central Texans.

“Before COVID, I worked two days a week,” Wales explained.

Retired psychotherapists say they saw an increasing need for their help. Wales and Finley recently provided stress relief at an A & M in central Texas.

“When we weren’t volunteering at COVID, he [Finnley] I was very depressed because I couldn’t go out so much, “Wales said.

It’s not just Finnley. Dr. Samfiara, Chair of A & M-Central Texas Counseling and Psychology, states that pandemics are helping to increase global stress. It makes it even more important for pet partners to do.

“We clearly have these events that say,’Hey therapy animals are important and can be effective in reducing stress.'” Stress is what we all feel, and if we feel it, we admit that you are not alone. “

Sun City’s Pet Partner Group is back

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