Substack VP calls New York Times for ‘cherry picking’ hearsay in news article

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Substack Communications Vice President Lulu Cheng Meservey called a New York Times article about the so -called “hearsay,” “cherry picking” and personal opinion that was shown to be true.

In the form of tweets, Cheng Meservey broke what he thought was an inaccurate criticism from the paper.

“Today the NYTimes wrote an article about Substack. While it’s a good idea to keep thinking about the paper of the story, the piece has a lot of hearing, cherry blossoms, and speculation. personality that has been shown to be true, “he added.

He criticized the paper for hiding the nature of Substack, a five -year -old company that is now considered a media competition to the hardline newspaper.

“The first thing it’s important to note is that The Times covered a group that they thought was a competitor. The fact that they were one of Substack’s ‘competitors’ was not mentioned, until the end of the article, “he said, referring to their poor framing. make sense.

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Seeing the paper’s growth as they grow, hire, and expand their products, the VP wondered why the paper speaks to their service. An “exodus” when they are actually growing.

“The article uses the term ‘exodus.’ It’s catchy but not accurate, ”he writes, explaining how new writers coming to Substack“ are more likely to leave.

Substack was viewed by liberals for disregarding the ideas and views they said were misleading or hateful.

The Times article was similar to the one that reported complaints from a former author accusing the company of not arresting authors who use “transphobic and anti-vaccine language. . ” The author also said that Substack did not treat him like “White men.”

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But Cheng Meservey opposed these demands.

“When an author says he left Substack because he didn’t record a lot of information, the article should make it clear that the service he’s currently using is not demeaning,” he said. he added, adding that the original author did not look at the “contributions of women and minorities” on the field.

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The Times described Substack as “against the pressure to re -elect who is allowed on its site.”

“Critics have said the program (and therefore supports) cultural warfare instigators and is a hotbed for hate speech and misrepresentation,” the Times wrote.

Substack VP calls New York Times for ‘cherry picking’ hearsay in news article

Source link Substack VP calls New York Times for ‘cherry picking’ hearsay in news article

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