Studies have found that smoking marijuana can lead to breakthrough COVID cases.

New studies show that cannabis users who are also vaccinated may be susceptible to breakthrough cases of COVID-19.

In this study, published last Tuesday at World Psychology, people with substance use disorder (SUD) (dependence on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opioids, and tobacco) became infected with the coronavirus after receiving both vaccinations. It turns out that there is a high possibility of doing so.

Breakthrough infections were 3.6% in people without SUD, compared to 7% in people with SUD. At 7.8%, the study found that people with marijuana use disorders were at greatest risk of breakthrough infections.

Above all, the risks are gone, considering issues such as underlying health and socio-economic status. The differences are not directly related to marijuana use, but may be related to the behavior of people who depend on marijuana.

“Patients with cannabis use disorders who were younger than other SUD subtypes and had fewer comorbidities were at increased risk of breakthrough infection, even after matching the socioeconomic determinants of health with comorbidities with non-SUD patients. “The researchers said. I have written.

“Additional variables such as behavioral factors and the adverse effects of cannabis on lung and immune function can contribute to increasing the risk of breakthrough infections in this group.”

Proponents of marijuana said the study did not show that marijuana could be the cause of breakthrough cases, and noted that most marijuana users are drug-independent.

“This study is limited to people with” substance use disorders, “which are a small part of cannabis consumers,” Morgan Fox, director of media relations at the National Cannabis Industry Association, told Newsweek.

“This is just a correlation, not a causal relationship … Individual behavioral patterns and social conditions simply indicate problematic substance use patterns, such as lack of access to reliable information and joint sharing. Not only can it be a major factor, “she said.

“Clearly more research is welcomed and needed, but don’t exaggerate or misrepresent the very decisive results presented in this particular study, and cannabis consumers are actually up to date with the study. It’s important to make sure you’re informed exactly what you’re showing, “Fox added.

Studies have found that smoking marijuana can lead to breakthrough COVID cases.

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