Students graduate with an associate degree from Killeen ISD

Killeen, Texas — In 2015, the Killeen Independent School District and Central Texas College partnered to open the first Early College High School in the Killeen area of ​​Fort Hood.

Early college high school students have the opportunity to earn an associate degree, graduate from high school, and attend college without debt. Since its first graduation in 2019, nearly 400 students have a full associate degree. Graduates such as Caroline and Gabriela Garcia Rivera are the result of their labor.

It’s the beginning of something new for the two sisters. Caroline and Gabriella recently explored the A & M-Central Texas campus for the first time.

“So we’re both accepted and here for orientation,” Caroline said.

Caroline studies English, Gabriella majors in sociology, and psychology is a minor. Born in Puerto Rico, Gabriella said he would be the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“I came here because my dad joined the army for financial reasons. I basically came here and found an opportunity, so the Early College High School program came out and took advantage of it,” said Gabriella. Told.

As part of their orientation, they met with academic advisor Hannah Daisinger.

Caroline and Gabriella earned an associate degree from Central Texas College while attending Early College High School. Now they will finish the last few years of their undergraduate course at A & M-Central Texas.

Caroline said that this path saved thousands of people as Killeen ISD paid tuition, fees and necessary textbooks.

“I remember the principal coming in eight years before I entered Early College High School. She was brand new and was talking about how much money you could save. That’s about $ 20, It’s like 0000 to $ 28,000, so I said, “Really awesome? I didn’t know. Let’s give it a try,” Caroline said.

Double credits occur in the entire district of Lone Star, but as Daisinger says, he earns an associate degree and graduates without debt, and is a bachelor’s degree at a public university with one of the lowest tuition fees in the state. Obtaining an issue is a very unique opportunity.

“It helps students to be more motivated to pursue their goals, and because it facilitates a kind of process,” said Daisinger. “So they can either enter graduate school early or enter the career field early.”

Taking a break at the coffee beanery, the sisters looked back on the effort it took to get here and balanced the work of both college and high school courses. They said they would do it again with a heartbeat.

“It’s not easy to submit all these essays. You know the final exam. It was certainly not easy, but it was worth it,” said Gabriella.

Students graduate with an associate degree from Killeen ISD

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